Joe Scarborough Demonstrates Media's Biden-like Tone-Deafness in Gross Defense of Biden's Maui Visit

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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough is throwing his hat into the ring for the biggest Biden simp in the media by mounting a defense for Joe Biden's disastrous Maui visit. 


After Biden had completed his five-hour trip to Maui where he gave a self-centered speech and even cracked jokes, Biden promptly flew off to Lake Tahoe for yet another vacation. Despite the overwhelmingly negative response to his presence, Scarborough felt it necessary to run defense for Biden and convince you that your eyes and ears were lying to you, and Maui loved Biden's visit. 

His proof? Maui News, a paper known to be biased to the left, quoted a few residents who just think Biden's the best, and apparently, that's all the proof Scarborough needs.

"Note the overwhelmingly positive response from local residents in the Maui paper and the stark contrast compared to the shock opera nonsense pushed by Trumpy outlets today," posted Scarborough. "Same with the BS “sleep” narrative that created an alternate reality."

Looking into the article Scarborough cited, you get nothing about Biden's gaffes, including claiming Daniel K. Inouye was from Japan (he was Hawaiian from birth) and left out the disgusting kitchen fire story where he compared Maui's destruction and death to a kitchen fire he had one time that almost burned his cat and his Corvette. There was also nothing about the "hot pavement" joke he made. 


What is included were quotes and interviews of Maui residents, but the ones that were allowed to attend Biden's Maui gathering. This would be like asking people at a Trump rally about how great Trump is. It's going to be a bit biased. 

But Scarborough wants you to take all of this as Maui being incredibly thankful and supportive of Biden, and to ignore those "Trumpy" outlets, invoking the left's most hated man to get you to ignore any negative press about Biden. 

But the truth can be seen with your own eyes and ears. Residents didn't appreciate his speech with one saying that Biden flippantly dismissing the damage as replaceable rubbed them wrong. Scarborough didn't seem to want to address Maui residents lining the road protesting Biden and even flipping him off. 

If the response was so "overwhelmingly positive" as Scarborough claimed, then why aren't there more interviews by various media outlets featuring Maui residents gushing over and praising Biden? As I write this, I'm currently on the front page of Scarborough's own network, MSNBC, and I'm not seeing a single article of Maui residents singing Biden's praises. 

Here's the bottom line...

Biden's trip to Maui was nothing short of insulting. It was filled with gaffes and self-absorption, and it reeked of being a simple photo-op to make it look like he and the Democrat Party cared. 


People are dead due to the failures of Maui's Democrat leadership, including children. Homes were destroyed and important things were lost forever. To have the leader of that party come down just to be seen only to crack a joke and insult people with a story about a Corvette that was put in danger should be enough to disgust anyone and everyone. 

If Scarborough had any integrity at all, he wouldn't have tried to defend Biden. He would have criticized the performance as "missing the mark" at the very least. Instead, Scarborough is doubling down on Biden's insulting appearance for Biden. 

But no one should be surprised. Mainstream media is about as ridiculous as Biden is at this point. 

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