Fawning CNN ‘Climate Reporter’ Shredded With Disaster Coverage Comparison Between Joe Biden, Ted Cruz

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As expected, the mainstream media coverage of Joe Biden's numerous Maui bungles during and after the deadly fires has for the most part been non-existent, much like the underreported situation on the many key Democrat officials in Hawaii whose actions (and inaction) likely led to more loss of life and devastation.


Not surprisingly, the Democrat apologists at CNN have led the way in giving the Biden White House a pass on their botched handling of the crisis, with the network's liberally biased climate correspondent, Bill Weir, gaslighting viewers with his most serious face on Biden's actions after he arrived (transcribed from video):

“President and Dr. Biden spent several hours both over Lahaina on the ground here and meeting with both first responders and victims of this tragedy at the big shelter, the War Memorial shelter in central Maui. And he said the right things in many cases...” 


"He did serve as empathizer-in-chief after five days of being mostly silent on the issue publicly, but the governor said he was working behind the scenes to assure first responders that the feds had their back on this. He shared the stories we’re familiar with of losing his daughter and wife and wondering if his sons had survived a car accident early in his political career. And that’s what so many people here are going through now."



So I guess him saying "no comment" twice when he was asked as he was headed out for another vacation about the rising death toll, appearing to fall asleep at a couple of points during a dinner gathering, and giving an insulting speech where he again told the fake story about his house almost burning down as a way to try and relate equates to Biden being the "empathizer-in-chief." 

It was all too much for author John LeFevre, who did a little digging on how CNN reported on Ted Cruz's Cancun trip during the Texas power grid outage versus what they're saying about Biden despite him taking two vacations as the crisis unfolded:

Let's also not forget that at the same time the media was laying into Cruz over that Cancun trip, here's what Joe Biden was doing:


Not that we needed any more evidence of the mainstream media's infuriating one-sidedness when it comes to covering how politicos respond (and sometimes don't respond) to natural disasters and the like (Hurricane Katrina comes to mind), but I think that tweet from LeFevre pretty much says it all about the state of things as it relates to modern journalism - namely, that they are not good, like at all.

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