There's Barely Any Point to the Legacy Media Anymore

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

The mainstream media’s reputation is in the toilet. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. Whether it’s ABC, NBC, CNN, or any other order you can put random letters in, the legacy media has a bias problem that it’s too deep into to crawl out of now.

RedState has covered the media’s egregious one-sided reporting on a daily basis. I’ve likely forgotten more stories about its bias than many people ever learn. That’s how often these stories come about.

Moreover, no one really contends that the legacy media is pure as the driven snow anymore. With the exception of hard leftists, nearly everyone pretty much accepts that MSNBC, CBS, and others are biased to the left and report whatever is convenient to the Democrat Party at the time. Despite this knowledge, the messaging and narrative driving that takes place still gets around, tainting and eschewing every conversation we have about any given subject.

And isn’t this antithetical to what the press is supposed to be?

The point of the press is to be an entity that delivers notable events and information to the people. It’s supposed to also be, in a way, their voice. They’re supposed to ask the tough questions that make the people in charge careful about the decisions they make.

Instead, the legacy media has become a servant of the very people they’re supposed to question. As Elon Musk recently asked, corporate journalism is more apt to defend the state than the people, prompting Robby Starbuck, a former director, to respond with a very accurate statement:

Because corporate journalists are the PR arm of the left wing ruling class and have been for over a decade. They did this because the left understands the value of owning cultural institutions like media, film, music, etc. Their billionaires invest tons into this. Ours do not.

On Wednesday, I reported about how legacy media outlets such as the Associated Press, New York Times, and the Washington Post have all been making claims about climate change that don’t hold up. Sure enough, as one report uncovered, the Associated Press was taking millions of dollars from various left-leaning groups in order to make dubious climate change claims.

(READ: Legacy Media Took Millions From Leftist Groups to Make Dubious Climate Claims, Says Report)

This is the same media that dedicated next to no time on the “Twitter Files,” arguably the biggest story of the year, but were jumping at every twitch someone on the January 6 committee made.

The mainstream media is bought and paid for, ready and willing to lie at drop of a hat and ask “how high” when a Democrat says “jump.” So what’s the point of them now?

Nowadays, I find myself actively avoiding clicking on anything from NBC or CBS because I’m not sure I can trust the information being handed to me. I’m now constantly asking myself “what’s in it for (insert MSM source here) by issuing this report?” Nowadays, I tend to find more safety in reading reports from what the left labels as “alternative media.” At least they’re honest about their bias and seem to have far more cause to tell the truth.

The bottom line is that the media is no longer your friendly neighborhood source for information. It’s not your friend. These are businesses with a bias. They have a vested interest in telling you a lie and getting you to believe that lie by any means possible.

Think about it this way. They will literally fan the flames of a riot to the point where people will burn city blocks and do extraordinary acts of violence for both the ratings and the pushing of a message.

They don’t care about you. In fact, they likely look down on you. You are not the priority. You are merely a tool to manipulate.

Don’t trust the mainstream media anymore.


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