Is Elon Musk Putting Himself on a Crash Course With Disney?

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Elon Musk seems to be making himself something of a hero the average guy. Not only has he been trying to get our species into a space-faring age, but he also bought one of the Western world’s most popular social media platforms in order to make it a free speech platform. While there are still some complaints to be had about it, it’s much more trusted than any other social site out there.

But now, Musk seems to be taking up yet another civil rights fight with an astounding offer. Last Saturday, Musk sent out a post on X stating that he would pay the legal fees of anyone who was treated unfairly by their employer over an interaction on his platform. Moreover, he wouldn’t put a price limit on it.

There are an untold number of people out there whose lives were destroyed over a tweet their employers, coworkers, or even a rabid mob didn’t like. Sadly, a lot of those tweets or likes that got people fired were either innocuous or just politically unacceptable to some.

While a lot of people immediately came to mind, the person who probably was most thought about was actress Gina Carano. She was formerly a star on Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” and was in the works to have her own spin-off show according to rumors. However, Carano refused to cave to the woke mob who demanded she put her pronouns in her bio, and from then on, she was a target of the social justice left.

Eventually, Disney caved to the pressure and waited for a chance to fire Carano, which they got in the form of a tweet she sent out.

The tweet featured a picture of a Jewish woman in Nazi Germany running away in terror from a group of people. Above the picture was text that told the story of how many Jewish people were so easily rounded up because their neighbors would readily turn them in because the German government and the media had done such a thorough job of making Jewish people out to be societal villains. Carano’s point was simple. Treat everyone as human or we run the risk of repeating one of the worst mistakes in human history.

Disney jumped on this moment to pretend Carano was somehow being anti-semitic and fired her. This despite her co-star Pedro Pascal tweeting out something incredibly similar during the Trump presidency, where he compared Jewish people in concentration camps to the “kids in cages” at the border.

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So it was that Carano looked to take Musk up on his offer.

Musk spent some time replying to certain people who volunteered themselves for assistance…but not Carano. At least not in public.

Now some might look at this and say that Musk isn’t interested in getting into a dust-up with Disney, but I’m not entirely sure that’s true. Musk seems to be a fan of the GOP’s war with Disney. In fact, in May of 2022, Musk openly advocated for Disney to be stripped of its copyright for Mickey Mouse. He posted that current copyright law “goes absurdly far beyond protecting the original creator” and added that the “overzealous DMCA is a plague on humanity.”

What’s interesting about this is that Musk had no clear reason to tweet something like this. The mystery of why Musk wanted to slap Disney across the face with the loss of its most recognizable character only deepened when Musk tweeted out another jab at Disney over the mass suicide of lemmings that it caused in the 1958 nature documentary White Wilderness. Musk stated that Disney must have been jealous of the cute little rodent, thus having so many of them take their own lives in fear.

These instances then fueled speculation that Musk was moving against Disney in order to buy it. Given, this was around the time that Musk was purchasing Twitter, so people figured that Musk was buying anything he so much as glanced at. From there, things went more or less quiet.

But now Carano popped up with her claim and Musk hasn’t responded as far as we know. However, of all the responses to Musk, Carano’s was the most popular. Even Ted Cruz spoke up about it. So we know Musk saw it.

I don’t take his silence toward Carano as a refusal. It seems more strategic. Musk seems to want something that Disney can provide and, if my guess is correct, it has something to do with DMCA laws. So taking them to court over Carano’s case could get really costly for Disney, and that costly court case could cause all sorts of issues for the house that Walt built. With all the financial woes it’s already suffering thanks to its bad business decisions and politically-based ineptitude, Disney’s attempt at fighting for the upkeep of the DMCA laws that keep Mickey under its umbrella would become more difficult.

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What Musk does after Disney fails to protect Mickey is anyone’s guess.

Again, it should be noted that this is all speculation, and Musk may very well just be ignoring Carano. Disney is one of his biggest advertisers on X, after all, and he might be making sure he doesn’t burn any bridges. But something seems off here. I doubt Musk would pass up the opportunity to be the guy who brought justice to Carano and slapped one of the most despises companies in the United States across the face while taking some of their money.

Moreover, Musk is smarter than most people and a much better businessman than many of the most respected CEOs. There’s likely something to be gained than just some good guy status. Whatever it is, the ball is in Musk’s court and I doubt he’ll do nothing with it.


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