The Left Doesn't Understand What Moms for Liberty Is, and That's Why Its Attacks Will Always Fail

You know you’re over the target if the left is constantly trying to bring you down and attack you, and in that knowledge, the group “Moms for Liberty” must be hitting the left squarely where it hurts. The constant attacks coming at the group have ranged from silly to egregiously wicked.

As Jeff Charles recently covered on Sunday, the latest attack comes from a Michigan attorney attempting to weaponize the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) against the group in an attempt to revoke its 501(c)4 non-profit status. The complaint is that Moms for Liberty isn’t being “balanced” enough in its attempts to stop gender fluidity from being taught in schools:

In the complaint, the attorney takes issue with the organization’s lack of “balance” in its activism against the effort to impart progressive gender ideology to children through the education system.

“It would be a permissible educational purpose if there were advocating to remove gender discussions from classrooms and schools if there was a balanced presentation of benefits and drawbacks of using a person’s preferred pronouns, supporting LGBTQ youth, impacts on children of being ‘exposed’ to LGBTQ supportive environments,” the document argues. “There is not.”

This is just the latest attack. Previously, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a leftist activist group masquerading as a neutral judge of societal character, labeled Moms for Liberty a “hate group” akin to the KKK or neo-Nazis.

The claim that they are somehow connected to neo-Nazis came after Moms for Liberty quoted Hitler in one of its newsletters, and it’s one that you’ll find is often recalled when the left attempts to exert control over the schools, curriculums, and children.

“He alone who owns the youth gains the future.”

As I wrote at the time, either the left didn’t understand the reason behind using that quote from that particular person in this particular instance, or they knew exactly what that newsletter was relaying by using that quote and they didn’t like having that mirror held up to them.

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Yet, despite all the pearl-clutching and finger-pointing done at Moms for Liberty, none of the attacks seem to stick. It only makes them more powerful. The attempt to use the IRS is probably going to fall flat too, and it will leave the left scratching their heads on how to crack this seemingly uncrackable egg.

It’s because the left doesn’t truly understand what Moms for Liberty is. It’s alien in its nature to the left because the left doesn’t isn’t used to seeing this kind of thing on their own side.

It’s a group that consists of the people it claims to represent. Real parents make up the bulk of Moms for Liberty, and as we’ve seen before when parents really start to move together to make things happen…things happen. In fact, a motivated group of parents become the most powerful political force in the nation. They can transform school boards and oust established, powerful governors.

Meanwhile, the left’s activist groups often consist of people who aren’t genuinely there out of care for the goal they claim to work toward. Their ultimate endgame is the promotion and success of the Democrat Party. Teacher’s unions, for instance, are filthy with childless activists who have no clue what it is to be a parent and have concern for the future of their children and the education that will get them there. If it often seemed like these unions were working counterproductive to a child’s betterment, it’s because it wasn’t the child they were concerned with.

A group that is actually working for the child and not a political party is dangerous. It upends the work done to create little activists that support this or that leftist cause through indoctrination via public schools. It stops the recruitment effort at the source and as such, the left has to destroy it.

But Moms for Liberty has something that the leftist activist groups don’t have, and that’s real love for the children that they themselves bore into this world. These are their parents who will fight tooth and nail to keep their children safe, healthy, and grounded. They’ll weather any storm in order to see to it that their kid doesn’t fall victim to the machinations of people who only want to use them for nefarious purposes.

Moms for Liberty won’t be overcome because it has something very real to fight for and the people fighting these battles are driven by something deeper than party loyalty or a selfish need for more money. The leftist activist groups can’t understand this and as such, they’ll never truly know their enemy. It’s why they will lose every time.


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