Democrats Created a Political Party Far More Dangerous Than the Republicans

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File

America is a two-party system consisting of Republicans and Democrats. The nation is more or less torn down the middle on these two parties with Independents swaying from one side to the other like a tree in the breeze.

But outside of these parties are unofficial political parties. These usually come in the form of movements such as the “Tea Party.” Probably the most infamous of these has been the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which became an unofficial political party that dictated almost everything the Democrats said or did.

But while most unofficial party movements appear out of some need to drag the power of a political ideology back to the top of the mountain, one is currently being formed that is different. It’s different in that it doesn’t necessarily want to be formed, but this party is being created through the direct actions and decisions of the Democrat Party.

This new unofficial party is America’s parents, and it’s already the most powerful political entity in the United States.

They already began swaying things before we even knew they were a party. Virginia’s Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat mainstay, was ousted as Governor by Republican Glenn Youngkin. It’s not like there wasn’t any warning. As I wrote at the time of McAuliffe’s defeat, parents had hitherto been on the offensive against the Democrat agenda for their children in public schools and if they weren’t ignored, they were attacked by Democrats.

Democrats may have thought this incident isolated, which is a foolish move given Virginia’s status as a blue state, but they continued the assault on children without thinking about slowing down. In fact, they continued to shove masks on children who were in school if they opened schools up in the first place. Parents continued to show up to school board meetings to raise eight kinds of hell, including legal action.

No blue area is safe, including the deepest Democrat strongholds. As of this writing, San Francisco has ousted three school board members in recall elections with a fourth on the chopping block. Some Democrats are rattled enough that they’ve begun walking back the rules they’ve placed on their constituent’s children, including New Jersey and Deleware, President Joe Biden’s home state.

Yet, despite this clear and obvious threat to the Democrat party’s hold on America, they continue to push the idea that parents are wrong in this matter and they should have all the say when it comes to how children are brought up and what they should learn. Hiding their agenda from parents isn’t uncommon either.

Attacks on the parents of America by the media are constant as well, solidifying the divide between the parents of America and Democrats. So hubristic is the left about their place above the parents of America that they openly look down on them, throw endless accusations toward them about their character, and operate as if their opinions don’t matter.

They do this up until the parents are either in their faces or they’re being shown the door after being shoved out via elections.

One way or another, they lose and they deserve it. In these midterm elections, the power of the parent will be the biggest driving force in politics and it’s not even a question. It’s already begun unseating the powers that be in high positions left and right and it’s hardly found its feet.

This will be a hard lesson to learn for Democrats, but it’s one they need to understand. At the end of the day, they’re servants, not rulers, and even the most unlikely of upheavals can happen, and far faster than they think it can. This is still a nation of people who love their children and will go to great lengths to protect them. This includes recalling or voting out people they voted in the first place.

Their jobs are not static, but the love parents have for their children is, and it’ll win over politician machinations every time.


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