The Climate Scam

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“Give me all your money, all the power, and all the messaging and I will save you from yourselves.”

It’s been the demand of dictators since time immemorial and one that maintains no matter the form the dictator takes. One of the most successful dictators of all time isn’t a singular person but a group of people.

This group says that the way we’re currently living is too large and it’s destroying the planet. Their solution is the same as every other dictator. Give us everything and we’ll make sure you don’t destroy yourselves. You can find this group haunting places like the World Economic Forum and they sit at very luxurious desks at locations like BlackRock headquarters. They wag their finger at you for being so environmentally unfriendly while they cruise around in polluting private jets and enjoy top-of-the-line products made from the very materials they say are polluting the world.

They have no official name so I gave them one. I call them the “Church of Climate Change.” It’s a religion that comes complete with its own zealots, saints, and holy days.

I’ve given my thoughts about this religion in greater detail and I definitely recommend reading it in full. However, I do want to point out one thing from that article here.

(READ: A Non-Believer’s View of the Church of Climate Change)

No matter how good your argument is, how many facts you introduce, or how much you embarrass the zealots, they will not relent. They keep to their faith no matter how unreasonable or unrealistic.


That’s easy. Because there’s no money for the Church of Climate Change in legitimate science but there’s truckloads of money available for making people afraid and angry.

Let’s take a recent dustup between Louisiana Senator John Kennedy and Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk. Kennedy repeatedly asked this representative of the “party of science” in very simple terms what we can expect in terms of results for handing Biden $50 trillion to fight climate change.

“If we spend $50 trillion to become carbon-neutral by 2050 in the United States of America, how much is that going to reduce world temperatures?” Kennedy asked.

It’s a very simple question and one that someone who’s asking for $50 trillion of the people’s money should have an answer to. At the very least, Turk should have had a goal lined up. True to form, Turk didn’t answer and instead gave total run-around responses. Despite repeated attempts at getting Turk to give anything, Kennedy couldn’t get a straight answer.

Why didn’t Kennedy get an answer? Because if Turk had given any kind of solid goal and it wasn’t met, then it would look very bad for not just the Democrat Party but the Church of Climate Change in general. No one is more aware of the Climate Church’s repeatedly disproven prophecies than the Climate Church is, and so they try to dance around solid answers so as not to raise any more suspicion about a simple fact; they’re scam artists.

This isn’t about the planet, it’s about power. As I wrote in the article I linked above, the “solutions” the Climate Church often present are highly destructive to the planet it claims it’s trying to save. Their quest for power is pretty naked when you start to really look into what they’re doing and saying.

For instance, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards being forced on companies have done little for the globe and even less for corporations that adhere to them. In fact, it’s done a lot to destroy the modern corporation, diminish trust between business and consumer, and hasn’t lowered the planet’s heat one iota. It’s sure as hell made Democrats and investment firms wealthy, though.

Here’s the bottom line: There is no climate crisis. Is there climate change? Yes, there absolutely is, but how effective man is at making the entire globe a hell-on-Earth is still being debated despite claims that the “science is settled” by people like Al Gore and Bill Nye who, frankly, base their entire livelihoods on the lie. If you really want to know how much our climate is going to change, you’re more likely going to find an accurate answer by looking at our position to the sun.

Climate Democrats are scam artists. ESG is a scamming program. The World Economic Forum is a scam organization.

It’s all a scam.



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