Cori Bush's Attack on Byron Donalds Proves the Democrats Never Cared About Elevating Black Americans

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On Wednesday, Democrat Cori Bush of Missouri decided to pipe up once the words “Byron Donalds” crossed the lips of various Republicans looking for other options for Speaker of the House. Donalds, a Florida congressman, and staunch conservative is a black man, and apparently, that aspect of Donalds prompted Bush to weigh in with one of her more disgusting comments.

As RedState covered,  Bush sent out a tweet claiming that Donalds would just be a “prop” and an agent of white supremacy.

“FWIW, [Byron Donalds] is not a historic candidate for Speaker,” tweeted Bush. “He is a prop. Despite being Black, he supports a policy agenda intent on upholding and perpetuating white supremacy. His name being in the mix is not progress—it’s pathetic.”

Bush has the “white supremacy” or “racist” accusation ready at her hip and draws it faster than anyone in the west. She will accuse anyone of being a rabid racist, be it citizens or even members of her own party. If it looks like it inconveniences her or the radical agenda, she accuses first and asks questions later like every other race grifter that ever managed to work their way in front of a camera.

You would figure that Republicans looking to put the gavel in Donalds’ hands would make it difficult for Bush to throw that accusation out. How could someone be a white supremacist if they’re looking to make a black man the leader of the House?

Well, Bush is an equal opportunity accuser. Even a black person can be a white supremacist, all it takes is to go against her politics, and sadly, her politics is what is currently dominating the Democrat Party. I’ve yet to see anyone from Bush’s own side of the aisle push back against her, and why would they? Doing so would make them an immediate pariah within the Democrat body politic.

But Byron Donalds is clearly not a white supremacist. Bush has no proof that he is one either. Her claims revolve around Donalds supporting white supremacist policies, but like most hard-leftists who make this claim, when you ask them to elaborate on this, they give you nebulous reasons that give you more questions than answers.

This is because it’s generally more about the show than the solution. A solid chunk of leftism’s power over the populace is based on fear of the thing, not the thing itself. White supremacy is not the societal issue Democrats like to paint it as but they want you to think that boogie monster is lurking under every bed, and should you disagree with them, then they’ll paint you as one, and that comes with a lot of consequences. You could be innocent and, moreover, they could know you’re innocent, but that doesn’t matter.

The show is the concern, and the last thing the Democrats and radicals like Bush want is for the show to become a little bit more complicated to keep up.

Donalds, being a black man, would make the idea of the GOP is a white supremacist party a bit more difficult to sell. It’s not impossible, mind you. Democrats have launched this kind of attack on many a black man before, but still. For those with just a little bit more common sense than others, shouting “racism” at a black man looks a little silly.

So the move is simple. Accuse Donalds of white supremacy and devalue his position as Speaker of the House.

This is, in essence, the real position of the Democrat Party when it pertains to black America. They’re only as welcome as they are useful. Donalds became an issue and despite being a black man who went from a place of low standing to an elected member of congress, he’s a black man on the wrong side of things.

Many black Americans who disagree with the Democrat Party or question the way things are being down on the left find themselves in this same position. The elevation of black Americans suddenly takes a back seat if that black American finds themselves opposed to the body politic. They must be destroyed in some form or fashion. An accusation of white supremacy here, a claim of sexual assault there. You get the idea.

Bush, if she has two brain cells to rub together, knows Donalds isn’t a white supremacist. She also knows that GOP isn’t filled with white supremacists. But he is a danger to her narrative, just like many other black Americans are, and these black lives apparently don’t matter.

It was never about caring for the black community for Democrats, only how useful they are.


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