Democrats Look at You as 'The Help'

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Your business is the business of everyone else’s business.

It’s a pithy summary of the left’s economic position. If someone is broke or in debt, then they feel it’s your duty to pony up. Don’t try to cut any corners either. If you don’t like where your money is being spent, well that’s too bad. Elections have consequences.

Now get to cleaning up other people’s messes, peasant.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court just proved that we still have some semblance of a sane country left with its ruling that President Joe Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness plan isn’t happening as reported on Friday by my colleague Jennifer O’Connell and with a decision that declared Biden has no such authority to wave away people’s debts:

In sum, the Secretary’s comprehensive debt cancellation plan is not a waiver because it augments and expands existing provisions dramatically. It is not a modification because it constitutes “effectively the introduction of a whole new regime.” MCI, 512 U. S., at 234. And it cannot be some combination of the two, because when the Secretary seeks to add to existing law, the fact that he has “waived” certain pro-visions does not give him a free pass to avoid the limits inherent in the power to “modify.” However broad the meaning of “waive or modify,” that language cannot authorize the kind of exhaustive rewriting of the statute that has taken place here. Pp. 13–18.(b) The Secretary also appeals to congressional purpose, arguing that Congress intended “to grant substantial discretion to the Secretary to respond to unforeseen emergencies.” On this view, the unprecedented nature of the Secretary’s debt cancellation plan is justified by the pandemic’s unparalleled scope. But the question here is not whether something should be done; it is who has the authority to do it.

In short, Biden attempted to use COVID-19 pandemic emergency funding to cancel $10,000 worth of student debt to which the court effectively said “This isn’t even close to what those emergency powers were intended for and you don’t have the authority to make that decision, so that’ll be a ‘no’ from us, dog.”

It was a naked attempt to buy votes that they knew wasn’t going to pass. In fact, they were counting on it not passing because they can now direct all their activists and media to make a huge stink out of how rich Republicans want you to stay poor or have no interest in securing the economic future of the country by keeping its most educated in debt.

The Democrats might be trying to fool the youth into voting but it sends a very clear message to everyone else; “the mistakes of our intended voting base are your responsibility. You will assist in any and all ploys that give us a leg up in elections.”

It doesn’t matter if you were too poor to attend these colleges that rack up student debt by the tens of thousands, you’re going to pay for that college education anyway. Moreover, the college education you pay for might have been a frivolous adventure for someone else. Their degree, if they even got one, might not be worth the paper it’s printed on and nothing may even come of the person having obtained it, but their mistake is your mistake.

It’s one of many examples of the left’s elitism and how they view you as lesser. To them, your existence boils down to how useful you are and how you can serve them best. It’s a less-than-human view of you.

I want to take this moment to highlight something that I saw earlier today that truly highlights what the endgame of this kind of thinking is.

A video was posted on Twitter of a Cuban refugee who escaped Castro’s communism and became a UPS driver here in America. The video is of him opening his first American paycheck. Despite the taxes that were taken out, the man is excited and he says something interesting. He describes the feeling of knowing his work means something to his own life.

This man found his humanity in a simple paycheck. It was money that belonged to him. His labor was for him, not for some political party.

I’m of the mind that this man should have even fewer taxes to pay, but the point I’m making by showing you this is that there’s humanity in a person working for themselves and the betterment of their family, not for the benefit of some people in a building far away that they’ll never meet.

Democrats have no business attempting to take our money for the benefit of their own party. In fact, no political party has any business raising taxes for anything but the most basic of governmental affairs, yet they continue to throw our money around as if they’re a child with daddy’s credit card. They don’t care that behind every single one of those dollars they throw around is a person who created it. To them, they don’t see a human being, they see a means to an end.



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