LGBT People Shouldn't Misunderstand What These Boycotts Are

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

June is “Pride Month,” which means that for 30 days every corporation, politician, and activist group is going to adopt LGBT colors and pretend that they’re at the forefront of human rights issues so that today’s “modern” consumer will know that they’re the good guy and it’s safe to spend money with them.

As I’ve noted many times before, these corporations don’t really care about the LGBT community. They care about their bottom line and their ESG scores. If tomorrow they knew they could make more money than ever by embracing Nazism, then they’d be putting swastikas behind their logos and coming out with “Nazi Month” catchphrases like “Heil Target,” but I digress.

This June is going to be a little tricky as the inertia from the Bud Light boycott is still strong. After it embraced Dylan Mulvaney’s “365 Days of Girlhood” with a commemorative can, America declared it’d had enough of this nonsense and Anheuser-Busch has been watching its kingdom collapse ever since. Then Target decided it would take it a step further and begin pushing LGBT merch to children and now that boycott is burning the chain’s market cap like an ice cube on a sidewalk during a Texas summer.

Not that Target is panicking…yet.

Corporations are going to have to thread a very fine needle as, while they still want to be seen celebrating an entire month of homosexuality and queerness for their investment firm masters, they’d rather avoid a boycott themselves. While many boycotts are survivable, they can be massively inconvenient and cause a stir among stockholders.

However, if there’s one group of people that are benefiting from this, it’s the leftist activist groups as well as the media. Neither has wasted any time in breathlessly declaring that the backlash against these brands is purely driven by hatred, bigotry, and homophobia. The amount of victimhood it’s been able to confer on the LGBT community and its supporters has been mountainous.

Check out NBC exec Mike Sington’s latest tweet which reads: “You can pull all the merchandise you want, you can boycott all the products you want, you can put in effect all the policies and laws you want, but you CANNOT cancel pride. We won’t let you.”

Firstly, I can understand the sentiment of wanting Pride canceled. An entire month to celebrate the sexual habits of a small section of the American people always struck me as a bit odd, especially when veterans and the fallen (people who actually gave themselves to the protection of our country) only get a day. If Pride was just that community celebrating itself for a month without forcing everyone else to get involved, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Instead, you’ve got a whole bunch of virtue signaling coming from every direction and from people that don’t actually care, as well as parades featuring exhibitionists waving their junk and displaying their kink to everyone they can, including children.

But even so, I’ve seen very few people actually declaring that Pride needs to be canceled, even in conservative circles. This tweet, and the sentiment behind it, is overdramatic. It’s meant to scare LGBT people and their allies into believing that conservatives are going to come for them, erase them as people, and lead them to gas chambers.

The truth is that most conservatives don’t actually care about what gay and lesbian, or even transgender people are doing behind closed doors and between consenting adults. In fact, we’d rather not know. We don’t have to agree with the lifestyle, just that other people can live it if they so choose. All we ask is that this sentiment goes both ways. Leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone.

What conservatives, and indeed many Americans are angry about, is the fact that this has gone so far that not only can we not escape the alphabet brigades, our children can’t either. This is a movement that holds nothing as sacred except getting everyone to kneel before the act of queerness.

LGBT people aren’t being attacked, the American people are literally defending themselves and their families. It’s threatening the kids at school, it’s infesting their television programs, and it’s pushed on them by the people who sell them their products.

Moreover, this movement lies about everything from the intent of those who resist it to the oppression they suffer from. As I’ve gone into more detail, transgendered people are one of the least murdered people in the nation, and a lot of the victimhood they suffer comes from themselves and from within their own community.

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There have been Pride parades for years and years now. LGBT events and marketing have never truly had this much pushback. It only truly started when the activist community began attempting to make inroads into our children’s lives and thoughts.

The evidence is clear that this isn’t a “far-right” led attack on the poor, innocent gays, lesbians, and transgenders of America. This is America bracing itself in front of their families, their livelihoods, their churches, and their communities and saying “no further.”


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