Where Is the Line for Democrats?

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

If you haven’t seen it, I recommend checking out Sister Toldjah’s article featuring Texas Senator Ted Cruz going off about a Biden judicial nominee who could hardly qualify as a federal judge much less a decent person.

As highlighted, Cruz went on of a tangent on Twitter exposing the fact that nominee Marian Gaston things sex offenders should be able to live close to daycares and schools if they want to:

The Biden Admin and Senate Democrats are supporting a nominee who advocates for convicted child molestors to be able to live next door to day care centers.

That’s not exaggeration, that’s not hyperbole.

Here’s what Marian Gaston said:

“Children are not safer because registered sex offenders are prohibited from residing near schools, parks, day care centers and other places where children tend to gather.”

“The conclusions and recommendations are that – difficult as it might be – laws that regulate where sex offenders may not live should be repealed or substantially modified in the interest of public safety.”

Is there anyone too radical for the Democrat Party?

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This is literally happening as the Democrat Party has done its absolute best to infuse everything from public schools to sports with gender-fluid people. The cultural blitzkrieg of the transgender activist community has been nothing short of horrific as children are being roped in and taught that they themselves are gender fluid, oftentimes behind the parent’s backs.

Democrats in Washington have made it so that kids who identify as transgender are protected from their parents under the law.

Meanwhile, Title 42 is set to expire. With thousands of illegal immigrants waiting just outside the border, ready to invade once it does, the United States will effectively have an open border. States are trying to do what they can to prevent entry. As Jennifer O’Connell wrote, Texas has deployed its national guard in riot gear to prepare for the moment:

On Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that he has deployed 10,000 National Guard troops and 1,200 specially-trained DPS troopers to staunch the flow of illegal aliens flooding the Southern Border in towns like El Paso and Brownsville. In a press conference, Abbott announced that 37,000 people had already been turned away from attempting to cross the border.

The Democrats seem to see this differently. They don’t think it’s an invasion, they think it’s the help finally getting across the border so they can grow our crops and serve us our food. At least, that’s Hank Johnson’s take.

Dumb Democrat takes extend to other aspects of society as well. When children were killed by a transgender shooter, Democrats from the White House to the media immediately sent their condolences to…the transgender community.

The bodies had hardly been cool and Democrats were not just running defense for the transgender community, but blaming the shooting on the “bigoted” people of Tennessee for not catering to transgender people more. Also, we haven’t been able to see the shooter’s manifesto.

Then there’s the recent shooter in Allen, TX. Despite clearly being Hispanic, Democrats are doing their absolute best to make him white while releasing the entirety of his digital footprint.

These are the same Democrats that rioted and killed people over a drug-addicted criminal. These are the same Democrats who rioted and threatened innocent people because they were stopped from killing children in the womb. These are the same Democrats that will attack parents for daring to defy a leftist schoolboard’s attempts at brainwashing their children with every radical notion under the sun.

And these are just a few of the stories released lately.

One has to ask where it stops.

When do the Democrats think they’ve gone too far? Where is the line they won’t cross?

I’m not sure they have one.


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