Texas National Guard Soldiers Deploy in Riot Gear in Preparation for Thursday's Title 42 Expiration

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On Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that he has deployed 10,000 National Guard troops and 1,200 specially-trained DPS troopers to staunch the flow of illegal aliens flooding the Southern Border in towns like El Paso and Brownsville. In a press conference, Abbott announced that 37,000 people had already been turned away from attempting to cross the border.


To help mitigate illegal immigration at the border, Abbott said that the State of Texas has deployed up to 10,000 National Guard members and 1,200 DPS troopers, who have turned away upwards of 37,000 people attempting to cross the border.

Those law enforcement officials have also apprehended more than 37,000 people that did cross the border illegally, arrested 27,000 “dangerous criminals” and seized enough fentanyl to “kill every man, woman and child in the United States of America,” according to Abbott.

Additionally, migrants have been bused across the country out of Texas through the state’s Operation Lone Star, and Texas is the only state to have built its own border wall, according to Abbott.

As part of a new effort to curb further illegal immigration, the Texas Tactical Border Force was formed. The National Guard provided the new force with C-130s and Blackhawks to deploy to “hotspots along the border to stop migrants attempting to enter Texas,” Abbott explained. The force will also be supplied with materials that will assist members including aircraft, boats, night vision and riot gear for “anything they may encounter.”

As RedState reported, Title 42, the 1944 public health law that allows Border Patrol to detain and expel foreigners crossing illegally over America’s borders on the grounds of health concerns, expires on Thursday, and Gov. Abbott and national Border Patrol officials expect to be overwhelmed and overrun. Illegal immigrants are already surging into Brownsville and El Paso, Texas as the Orange County Register reports:


Under a set of white tents at the U.S.-Mexico border in Brownsville, Texas, dozens of Venezuelan men waited. Some sat on curbs and others leaned on metal barricades. When the gates eventually opened, the long line of men filed slowly up the pedestrian pathway to the bridge and across the Rio Grande River to Mexico.

In the past few weeks, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials have been facilitating these expulsions three times a day as roughly 30,000 migrants, mostly from Venezuela, have entered the U.S. in this region since mid-April. That’s compared with 1,700 migrants Border Patrol agents encountered in the first two weeks of April.

In the other end of the state, in El Paso, officials are dealing with another surge of migrants and worry that thousands more are waiting to cross.

All this comes as the U.S. is preparing for the end of a policy linked to the coronavirus pandemic that allowed it to quickly expel many migrants, and it spotlights concerns about whether the end of the immigration limits under Title 42 of a 1944 public health law will mean even more migrants trying to cross the southern border.

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin and flash news site Raw Alerts both tweeted video showing the Texas National Guard deploying in riot gear.



BREAKING: A quick reaction force of Texas National Guard soldiers w/ riot gear have just arrived at a major illegal crossing location here in Brownsville. I’m told this is part of TX Governor @GregAbbott_TX’s new specialized TX Border Response force meant to repel mass crossings.

Texas National Guard deployed riot gear soldiers to address illegal crossings at US-Mexico border #Brownsville | #Texas Currently a significant amount of Texas National Guard soldiers outfitted in riot gear has just arrived on the scene at a major illegal crossing point in Brownsville, Texas. Along with new specialized TX Border Response force meant to repel mass crossings Their intended mission is to tackle the issue of mass illegal border crossings between the United States and Mexico, as they get ready for Title 42 is to expire tomorrow.


What occurs tomorrow remains to be seen. RedState will provide updates as the situation unfolds.


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