Hank Johnson Delivers Another Jaw-Dropping Comment - This Time About Illegal Aliens

Chip Somodevilla/Pool via AP

Let’s face it — we could probably pick any day and there would be a Democrat saying something that was ignorant/untrue. Heck, Joe Biden does that virtually every day.


But on Wednesday, we have a bonanza of dumb. First, as I reported earlier, there was the hot take from Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) about former President Donald Trump and the decision in the E. Jean Carroll lawsuit. Swalwell — a lawyer and former deputy district attorney — claimed, falsely that Trump was “convicted of sexual assault” when there was no criminal case, only a civil action.

But it appears that Swalwell has company now in the race for the dumbest Democratic comment of the day. While Swalwell is right up there with ignorant comments, no one can top Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA).

Who can forget this brilliant moment when Johnson said he was worried Guam would tip over and capsize from overpopulation?

He also has come up with some other beauties like suggesting that the classified documents in Joe Biden’s office at the Penn Biden Center may have been planted. There was no evidence of this, and of course, Biden later ended up having classified documents in multiple locations, but that’s Hank Johnson.

However, Johnson’s comments on Wednesday were something else. According to Johnson, we should just let illegal aliens pour across the border because, without them, we wouldn’t have people serving us and we wouldn’t be able to eat.


“Those folk who are coming across are the ones who are helping to put food on our table. Without them, we are not able to eat,” Johnson claimed. “If all of them were turned away…we would have no food on our plates. We would have nobody taking care of the building, the construction of our homes, nobody cleaning up in the hospitals.”

I think we are all capable of feeding ourselves while also having a secure border, so the comment is pure madness.

But this is what Democrats think of illegal aliens. Reduction of the people down to their utility to the Democrats — that’s all they are to them. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said something similar to this when she talked about needing them to “pick crops.”

Sounding a little bit racist to me.

But it was also interesting to juxtapose Johnson’s comment with what he said about slavery in the same hearing, as he accused Republicans of wanting to have slavery back (when it was Republicans who championed ending it).


“If you could get back to slavery, you would gladly do so but if you could pay people $1 an hour, you would settle for that.”

Wait, what? Did Johnson listen to his comment? Who is regarding illegal aliens as “labor” here? Hint: It isn’t Republicans. I haven’t heard any Republicans say they want slavery. Yet we have Democrats talking about illegal aliens as though they’re supposed to be our servants. They miss the whole uniqueness of the concept of this country — that you can come from anywhere in the world (legally) and be any race, any religion — then you can be anything and are equal under the law here. We are governed by that rule of law. But it’s the Democrats who want to disregard that law and throw enforcement of that law at the border under the bus. I suppose we’re lucky that Johnson didn’t talk about the country tipping over from all the illegal aliens flooding in.



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