The Real Purpose Behind Social Justice Isn't About Justice for the Oppressed

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

On paper, social justice seems like a pretty great thing. It’s supposed to be a way for the underrepresented groups to find some sort of equal footing with the larger society. While the intention sounds good when you say it, when you practice it, it usually ends up with the creation of sacred cows, innocents labeled as villains, and a whole lot of virtue signaling.

In today’s modern era, we’re neck-deep in social justice groups. Every single minority in this country is wrapped into the intersectionality of leftism with each group fighting for superiority over the other through a non-stop oppression Olympics. The games are endless and nobody ever truly wins. It’s just a lot of losers patting themselves on the back.

But the reason nobody wins is that social justice groups aren’t intent on helping the group they claim to represent.

Look at this as if it were a protest where every player on the field was there physically. Let’s take the black community, for instance.

The Black Lives Matter movement was, at one point, the most powerful political entity in the United States. So pervasive was the movement that the NFL began painting its slogan on fields, video game companies would feature it in their titles, and corporations bent their knee to it on demand.

But after the movement had finally died off and the dust settled, how was the black community in America enriched or helped? How did it benefit in any way from all that activism, rioting, and division?

The only people that seemed to be helped by it were Black Lives Matter’s leaders, who marched off with millions of dollars under their arms and fancy new million-dollar homes over their heads, and Democrat politicians who shouted the slogan on their MSNBC and CNN appearances.

Looking back on their rhetoric, they always spoke of the need to support the black community but the thing they talked about more than that was the people oppressing the black community. It was the unfair system, it was the police, it was white people, it was rich people.

Black Lives Matter was less focused on helping the black community (in fact they set quite a few on fire) and far more concerned with attacking people outside of their ideological boundaries.

Let’s also take a look now at the current popular activist movement, transgender activism.

If the transgender community was truly concerned with the safety of the transgendered people in America, it’d begin searching for solutions to the suicide and violence problem within its own community. As I’ve covered previously, despite claims by transgender activists that they’re being hunted by the greater society, the biggest danger to the trans community is the trans community. Most murders occur between trans people and suicides are far too common.

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But what the transgender activists focus on isn’t helping the transgendered people. They’re more concerned with attacking those whom they deem as their ideological enemies.

Do you see the pattern?

The social justice movement is not, and never was, about helping the people in question. It’s always been about attacking and silencing political opposition. These activists might wear different masks depending on the time and place, but in the end, they all have the same goal; socio-political domination for radical leftism.

The transgender activist is the Black Lives Matter activist. The Black Lives Matter activist is the abortion activist. The abortion activist is the gun control activist.

No matter what the subject is, the subject isn’t the subject, it’s the subjugation.

Social justice is censorship and domination. It’s a movement bent on conquest, not protection or fairness.

In short, social justice is a leftist political lie.


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