Let's Say Marjorie Taylor Greene Got Her Wish on a 'National Divorce'

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It was a pretty shocking moment when on Monday, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted out her desire to see a “national divorce” take place. While it’s often a fantasy voiced by both sides of the aisle, seeing it said by a sitting lawmaker is not something you would expect.

As my colleague, Bonchie covered earlier today, the tweet from MTG was met with either enthusiastic agreement or vitriolic resistance with accusations of treason attached.

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I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about whether or not what she said was good or bad, or whether you agree or disagree. My purpose in addressing it is simple; even if what she wants to happen did happen, it wouldn’t matter.

As convenient as it would be to have our country split into definable ideological lines where it was never a question as to where a politician or voter stood on an idea, it wouldn’t last long. To understand why, you have to understand the people who want to split off to form Democrat — or more accurately, radical leftist — states.

Let’s say MTG gets her wish and the country miraculously rearranges itself into red and blue territories. Governments were established that, like North and South Korea, are diametrically opposed to one another in government systems, values, and more. On the red side, Judeo-Christian values reign supreme and capitalism is the unquestioned economic method of the realm. Communism and CRT are wholly ousted and made illegal in schools and government alike. Free speech is as common as gun ownership.

On the other side is blue America. It no longer has to fight to become the communist state that it’s trying to make America into currently. Communism reigns supreme, and Christianity is ousted from every aspect of life. Speech is regulated and guns are illegal. There is no male or female as gender is considered fluid by common law. Identity determines your standing in society so everyone has some sort of bizarre, made-up nonsense that makes them “special” or, more often than not, they will claim to have some sort of disability in order to stay off the bottom rung.

Red America would largely be happy with its situation. It would be unfettered by self-serving leftists keeping the country in a state of arrested development and it would proudly march forward technologically. While it wouldn’t be a paradise of unflinching patriotism and real progress — you can’t get a room of individualists to agree on something much less a nation — the one thing it wouldn’t struggle with is socialism and regressive ideals…yet.

Blue America wouldn’t be satisfied with its current status. It would be a nation of squalor and sub-par living conditions. Death, disease, and crime would be rampant within its borders as it is in deep-blue cities today. However, it wouldn’t look at itself and see that it’s been wrong all along. It wouldn’t adjust its laws and values in order to make the lives of its citizens better.

Instead, it would do what all nations like it do, it would blame Red America for its ills. It would somehow reason that the success of Red America comes at the expense of Blue America. The die-hard ideologues of Blue America would point at the shining capitalist cities with their abundance of food, power, and resources, and declare that all of it comes at the abuse of everyone else.

This would naturally lead them to the conclusion that Red America has to be toppled. Thing is, it would be pretty clear that in a straight-up fight, Red America would wipe the floor with Blue America. Blue America would be out-manned, out-gunned, out-missiled, out warshipped, and pretty much out-everythinged. An all-out war would be a horrifying moment that few in Blue America would forget for the rest of their lives. For Red America, it would be Tuesday.

Instead, Blue America would do what it does best; it would begin a slow and methodical transformation of Red America’s culture. It would infiltrate at the bottom and slowly, over the course of decades, rot America’s values and patriotism away through its influence on the youth and the ignorant. It would turn Red America’s values against itself through Alinskyite tactics and radicalize the gullible. It would become a dynamic counter-culture within Red America that would utilize the free speech it doesn’t allow its own citizens to spread the dark gospel among its enemies, masked as morality and bravery.

It would take a while to transform Red America into the America you see today, but not as long as you think. We would eventually return to where we are now, only with a smaller territory.

You may say that Red America would be better prepared against the machinations of Blue America, and that there would be a much better education system in place to educate people on the lies of the communists. Thing is, as much as we don’t want to admit it, communists are a lot more clever than we give them credit for. While most of their foot soldiers are pink-haired idiots who don’t even know what a woman is, there are far smarter, more intelligent people pulling the strings. These people aren’t alone. They’re well-funded from the outside and are absolutely obsessed with the fall of the American experiment.

So splitting America isn’t the answer. We have to defeat social justice and communism by becoming just as adept at fighting them ideologically. We have to retake territory on the main stages of our society. We have to dominate the school systems and airwaves. We have to drag ideologues into the light and challenge them where people can see it.

It’s a long, slow, arduous process, but if they can do it so can we.


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