Disney Gets Desperate, Punishes People for Talking Negatively About Its Live-Action 'Peter Pan' Monstrosity

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Disney is guilty of many things, but chief among them is its inability to learn from its mistakes. In fact, it seems more adamant about buckling down on them.

Among these mistakes are its inability to make a movie without having it check certain social justice boxes. Race swaps, feminist messaging, and woke overtones are a plague within every modern Disney movie and television show. These political inclusions drag down box office numbers and viewership levels by leaps and bounds, and yet the House of Mouse can’t stop mainlining radical leftist politics into its system.


The other thing it can’t stop doing is attacking its would-be customers and blaming people’s dislike of its latest releases on some sort of moral failings like sexism, racism, or homophobia.

Take, for instance, the debacle that is “Peter Pan & Wendy,” the latest in Disney’s desperate attempt to milk every successful property they’ve ever had by giving it a live-action reboot–and what’s more, it’s made for “modern audiences.”

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You can probably guess how they screwed up the modern Peter Pan movie, but The Critical Drinker gave an excellent review of it. I recommend giving it a watch, as I won’t spend too much time talking about it here.

Safe to say, the reception to this “modern” retelling of the old classic wasn’t a good one. From the trailer to the movie, the movie’s been denounced as yet another lazy Disney rehash of a property that should have been left well enough alone. As a result, Disney has begun turning around and doing what it can to silence and punish those who speak out against it.


Az of the YouTube channel “HeelvsBabyface” gave a review on his live stream, which was struck down by Disney almost immediately. In his video, he shows you his channel’s backend, so you can see that his video is blocked in all territories.

But it doesn’t stop there. As Az notes, other YouTubers who’ve talked about the new Peter Pan movie are watching odd things happen to their channel, including their comments sections being disabled by YouTube itself. YouTube Drunk3P0 has reportedly had his entire video on the movie blocked as well.

As Az shows in his video, the claims were all made by Disney Enterprises.

This is a desperate move by Disney to stop the bad reviews from getting out and about, so that more people will pay to walk into theaters to see their newest abortion.

The thing is, if people like Critical Drinker or HeelvsBabyface never made videos about Peter Pan, people would probably avoid going to see it anyway. Disney has torpedoed a lot of the goodwill it had with general audiences across the country with its forcing of politics into the mix.

Moreover, the live-action remakes have just been horrendous, and they only serve to remind everyone just how good the originals were.


If Disney would just step away from making politically charged content then audiences would watch again and YouTube culture critics wouldn’t make videos warning people away from them. Moreover, instead of actually listening to their potential audience and the citizen critics, they consistently defy and insult them, causing people to simply not partake out of spite.

When this film bombs, Disney will deserve it, and if the pattern continues, it will learn nothing from it.


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