How the Transgender Activist Mob Attacking 'Hogwarts Legacy' Reveal Their Ineptitude and Insecurity

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I’ve been covering the social justice mob’s reaction to the video game “Hogwarts Legacy” and how their attacks on innocent people who want to play the game created a “buycott” by the general public purely out of spite. The game’s sales skyrocketed and it became a hit success even before its official release date.


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The fascinating thing is that the “Hogwarts Legacy” saga isn’t the first time something like this has happened. When the social justice mobs came for other businesses, the people spitefully struck back and supported that business. This includes GOYA foods and Chick-fil-A. It even happens on a personal level with national support being thrown behind people like Dave Chappelle and Gina Carano.

But it’s also not the first time these mobs have, in their attacks, revealed their level of ineptitude, ignorance, and insecurities.

The ignorance is, as usual, easy to explain. When a mob comes for something or someone, they usually do so off of bad information. Like sheep, they go where they’re herded and do as the flock does. They’ll hear no nuance because nuance ruins their worldview. Even if they did hear it out, embracing it would be dangerous because they’d risk the mob turning against them for not wholly conforming. The truth terrifies them and so they avoid it.

That’s just the beginning of their aforementioned insecurities and ineptitude–as one clever TikToker pointed out and I’ll elaborate on below.


It’s insecurity that causes them to be herded like sheep in the first place and act like bullies online. Their life online, where everything is curated and things are happening all the time, convinces them that they’re living a life that is less meaningful. They adopt the ideas of the mob because they see these “revolutionary” ideas and the “progressiveness” they’ve been painted as. They see the fight for it as an inevitable and moral turning of the page, and they figure if they’re fighting hard for it, then they might actually matter as a person. They can be the people whom others turn to for knowledge and moral guidance because they are riding the crest of the modern wave.

But their activism is really slacktivism. This is seen pretty clearly in the case of “Hogwarts Legacy.” Allow me to explain.

For one, these transgender activists and their bleating allies are protesting the game because it’s attached to a “transphobe.” Yet, they have no problem doing all their bleating by using a platform belonging to Elon Musk, a man they claim is also a transphobe. For all their principles about the game, they seem to lose track of them when it comes to their social media presence.


And why not? Without Twitter, they wouldn’t be seen being a warrior for social justice. And that’s what’s important.

We can go even further to show their ineptitude, however.

J.K. Rowling’s sources of income don’t stop at book sales or video games. Did you know that Rowling gets a cut of anything that has the Wizarding World attached to it at Universal Studios? The author gets a slice of the pie, from the ticket sales down to the drinks served.

Why aren’t they protesting outside of Universal Studios? Why aren’t they berating or attacking people trying to get in to participate in the magic while fattening Rowling’s pockets?

It’s because firstly, they’d actually have to leave their bedrooms and show their faces to the people in person, and secondly, they would have to confront these people where they can, themselves, be confronted. Without the aid and comfort of the mob, they run the risk of being isolated and — horror of horrors — exposed to reality.

The same could be said of the LEGO toys, which has a deal with Warner Bros, which sends money to Rowling whenever a brick is sold that relates to Harry Potter. Why aren’t the activists strapping on their Velcro shoes and protesting outside LEGO HQ?


For all the same reasons they aren’t at Universal Studios.

If they truly cared, then nothing would stop them from showing up and causing trouble wherever Rowling profits, but they don’t actually care that badly. Being seen as heroic by people online is enough to feel like they’ve fulfilled their requirements of being and doing something. Their online slacktivism gives them that dopamine hit that silences their insecurities, at least for a time.

These people are ultimately useless. When you get down to the bottom of them, they’re just scared, insecure, and likely self-loathing creatures, with all the rage of a hurricane and all the courage of a garden rabbit. Their interests are purely self-serving, and most would drop their principles the moment it required any real bravery or even effort.



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