Hogwarts Legacy's Success Is a Stunning Rebuke Against Woke Culture

Jonathan Short

Few things in the entertainment industry are more fun to watch than the attempted boycott of the video game “Hogwarts Legacy.” Loyal readers will recognize the title as something I’ve been keeping tabs on as it’s inadvertently become a beachhead of the culture war.

The gist of the controversy is that the much anticipated “Hogwarts Legacy” is a video game that takes place in the world of Harry Potter. The world of Harry Potter, as you know, is owned by British author J.K. Rowling, and J.K. Rowling, as you know, is accused of being an evil transphobic person because of her defense of actual women against the societal transgender blitzkrieg.

The hilarious truth is that Rowling wasn’t involved in the creation of “Hogwarts Legacy” outside of her IP being used. Not that it matters, because Rowling isn’t transphobic anyway, as one HuffPo author discovered after an attempt to write a hit piece.

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The social justice obsessed has tried everything to make a boycott for the game fail, from simply pleading for people not to buy and play the game by appealing to their better angels to accusing those who do play it of being transphobic and guilty of the same evils Rowling is guilty of.

Nothing has worked. In fact, it only made the game more popular as it all tended to trigger one of the biggest reasons boycotts fail in the modern day; spite.

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As Newsweek declared on Friday, the “Hogwarts Legacy” boycott has officially failed. Sales are through the roof. The game is already a success and it hasn’t even been released yet:

As far back as 2020, a number of fans had debated whether Rowling’s attachment to the game would prove to be problematic, given the controversy she has faced. Developers noted on the game’s website that Rowling’s team collaborated with them to ensure that Hogwarts Legacy adheres to the world she created years ago.

But with the game set to be released next weekForbes has reported that Hogwarts Legacy is already proving to be a hit, becoming the top-earning game on Steam, the best-selling game on the Epic Store, and the deluxe and regular editions holding the top two spots on Amazon‘s best-selling games for the PS5.

One of the things that make the woke mob so fearsome is the idea that they are legion. If you were to take their presence online as any indication of how large their crowd is, you’d think their numbers are endless. In truth, it’s all an illusion. If their numbers were as great as they like to pretend, then Hogwarts Legacy would already be a forgotten title that would release to little fanfare and even less cash.

But it’s not. The general public hasn’t even pressed the start button on the game and it’s already a smash hit. People flocked to the game in droves, not just because they were excited to finally live out their fantasy of being a Hogwarts student, but because they wanted to show the wokescolds who was really in charge and how much their opinions and virtue signaling actually means to the greater public.

This isn’t just a success born from spite, this is a massive rebuke of would-be societal dictators. This should be a message to the rest of the western world that despite their attempts at controlling how we think, see, and do, they ultimately have no power if we don’t give them any.

I already bought my copy of Hogwarts Legacy and I’ll be playing it on my Twitch channel later this month.


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