Google Is Doing Its Best to Censor Project Veritas Bombshell Sting on Pfizer Executive

(Stefan Rousseau/PA via AP)

What might be the biggest story within the medical community to hit in decades is apparently something that Google doesn’t want to get out.

As RedState previously reported, Pfizer exec Jordon Trishton Walker is a Director of Research and Development at Pfizer who revealed to an undercover reporter belonging to Project Veritas that his company was mutating the COVID-19 virus in order to produce vaccines that could then counter it. Once confronted by Project Veritas CEO James O’Keefe, Walker began lashing out in a panic and destroyed Project Veritas equipment.


The story should be front-page news for nearly every major outlet, however, Google seems to be censoring the story according to screenshots posted by O’Keefe.

Several other commenters confirmed that when they attempted to search for the story on Google, the search engine brick-walled them.

This has extended to YouTube as well. A search with the phrase “project veritas pfizer” displays the Project Veritas YouTube page’s link but none of the group’s videos, including the recent Pfizer sting.

What they do show you at the top of the page, however, is an “independent fact-check” from Newsweek saying that the Project Veritas video is “unverified” since the video doesn’t show Pfizer in the actual act of mutating COVID. While this is technically true, it’s an unnecessary inclusion in the search. The point is to put people off of the Project Veritas video and have them take it less seriously.

Searching other phrases such as “biden vaccine cures covid” returns fact checks by biased groups like “PolitiFact” who note that while Biden exaggerated the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine, they still gave the statement a “half-true” rating.

So Google seems to be running interference on behalf of Pfizer. This should surprise no one as with the Twitter files we learned that Pfizer executives were communicating directly with social media companies with requests to censor information that might have proved damaging to their brand and bottom line.


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Whether this is a direct request to censor materials from Pfizer or the left’s continued hatred of Project Veritas remains to be seen. Regardless, the attempts to censor this story are wrong and information like this shouldn’t just be the talk of the town, they should be investigated by the media.

The fact that this isn’t happening, and the revelation that big pharma and big tech are working together, suggests that there’s a concerted effort to hide this information, and if that’s the case, then one has to ask why.


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