Project Veritas: Pfizer Director Claims the Company Is Mutating COVID-19 to Create New Vaccines

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File

Project Veritas dropped a new undercover sting on Wednesday evening in which a claimed Pfizer Director of Research and Development makes some rather concerning admissions.


The company behind the most popular COVID-19 vaccine is, according to what’s stated in the video, mutating the virus in order to create new vaccines.

The man in the video who allegedly works for Pfizer is Jordon Trishton Walker. The one concern is that Walker seems to have no online presence, though some are claiming he had a LinkedIn account that was deactivated. There’s always caution to be exercised in these cases because you want to be sure the person in the video is who they say they are. With that said, Project Veritas has faced lawsuits before and would likely not have released this if they weren’t certain of the sourcing.

If we assume this is real, and again, RedState can’t confirm that at this point, what’s said in the video can be taken two ways. Some are taking it to mean Pfizer is mutating COVID-19 in order to push more vaccines on the public for profit. The other, more charitable interpretation is that they are mutating the virus in order to have more vaccines ready in case the virus mutates naturally, with profit as a secondary motive.


Regardless, the problem here is the risk involved, and the director notes that in the video. He even goes so far as to suggest COVID-19 itself was created in a lab in Wuhan, China. That theory, now highly accepted, was suppressed for years by the powers that be, including social media companies. If that’s what Pfizer believes internally, that’s pretty big news given how often the medical establishment has pushed the idea it developed naturally.

The big question is how far medical research should go in pursuit of supposed preparedness, especially given what occurred with COVID-19. Some pushing of the envelope may be necessary, but when you start getting into things that sound an awful lot like gain of function research, things get dangerous. What’s the point of developing future vaccines for strains of COVID-19 that don’t actually exist if that pursuit causes a pandemic that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred?

Another issue here is Pfizer’s lack of credibility. Even if what is being done, assuming the video is true, is being done with good intentions, many people are going to rightfully distrust anything the company has to say. Pfizer pushed misinformation about its COVID-19 vaccine’s efficacy regarding transmission and has long been less than transparent (and political) in how it operates. That it has made a ton of money over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, mostly receiving it by force from taxpayers, only further degrades the level of trust surrounding the company.


We’ll have to see what else Project Veritas releases and where this story goes.


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