'The View' Tries to Distract from Biden's Classified Documents by Jangling the Left's Favorite Keys

Paul Sakuma

If “The View” is one thing, it’s consistent with its over-the-top attempts to justify and moralize the left’s corruption.

The discovery of classified documents in President Joe Biden’s personal possession is no different. The left had recently made the fact that Trump had classified documents a matter of irresponsibility and a breach of national security. The Democrats — the same side that couldn’t be bothered with Hillary Clinton’s infiltrated servers and compromised emails — declared Trump’s possession of these documents was a crime.


Now, it’s suddenly okay.

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Naturally, this issue is big enough that media outlets have to pay attention to it, and this includes the Democrat propaganda show “The View” where host Joy Behar naturally justified why it was okay for Biden to have classified documents.

It was pretty clear during the segment that they didn’t really have any real means to pardon Biden, so what’s a mouthpiece to do? Easy. Wheel out the one thing the left hates more than anything and use it as a way to distract from the real issue at hand.

Behar, seemingly out of nowhere, launched into a rant about Trump and how he’s a “liar and a thief” but Biden isn’t one.

The end game here is to make a comparison and invite an immediate contrast. No self-respecting Trump-hating Democrat would ever do anything to make Trump look better, and so one must brute force through logic and reason in order to wind up at a childish conclusion that might not make sense to anyone living in reality: “Biden good, Trump bad. If Trump bad and Trump did thing, then thing bad, but if Biden do thing then thing okay because Biden good.”


“The View” was effectively making it clear that it’s okay to think like this. It’s okay if Biden does it because he’s an honest and trustworthy fellow. It’s not okay if Trump does it because orange man…is bad.

The people who watch these ladies regularly will pat themselves on the back for continuing to uphold a moral standard in this nation that has not one iota of hypocrisy attached to it and never think about it again.

As for the rest of us, we continue to stack more and more reasons to not take these women, or the legacy media, seriously in any regard.


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