Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen Is All Class, Defends Man Who Hit Damar Hamlin

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The harrowing saga of the Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin captured the nation and united Americans in their hopes and prayers.

As RedState reported, Hamlin was taking part in the game against the Cincinnati Bengals when he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on the field right after a hit against Bengals receiver Tee Higgins. Hamlin seemingly was unphased as he rose to his feet but then suddenly became unstable and fell down. Paramedics were forced to give him CPR on the field and then rushed him to a nearby hospital.


Hamlin survived and has since been making a promising recovery. His first communication to doctors when he awoke was to write “did we win?” on a notepad.

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Hamlin’s teammates have been nothing but supportive, and not just of each other. Bills QB Josh Allen was wrapping up a press conference but as he began to leave, he stopped himself and added that anyone going after Higgins and blaming the Bengals player for Hamlin’s condition should stop.

“I haven’t reached out to Tee,” began Allen. “I hope that he got some relief today and — I don’t know — I saw some stuff on Twitter and people should not be attacking [Higgins] whatsoever. I’m glad that Damar’s family said that.”

“I hope that he doesn’t hold that upon himself because there’s nothing else he could have done in that situation,” he added.


Allen is right. No one should be chastizing Higgins for playing a contact sport exactly as he should. Absolutely no one could have foreseen Hamlin’s condition. People blaming Higgins for Hamlin’s condition are foolish to do so, and Higgins shouldn’t be saddled with guilt he doesn’t deserve.

It’s a superb move by Allen to come out and reinforce that, not just to silence those looking to mob Higgins, but for Higgins himself, who is likely feeling crushing guilt and sadness over his part in Hamlin’s condition.

While Hamlin’s condition is tragic, the love and care it’s generated from people has been, and continues to be, inspiring.


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