Damar Hamlin's First Communication When He Woke up Reveals a True Warrior's Spirit

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Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin caught America off guard when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest after a run-of-the-mill hit on the field. After he was given CPR on the field, Hamlin was swiftly taken away to a Cincinnati hospital where he was announced to be in critical condition, but alive.


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Hamlin might have been up against the ropes, but that apparently meant nothing to Hamlin who is a fighter and warrior at heart.

According to CBS, doctors updated the public on Hamlin’s condition. The Bills player is now awake and while incapable of speaking due to his breathing tube, as we reported earlier, he is now writing notes on paper.

The first thing he wrote…

“Did we win?”

Doctors responded appropriately.

“We said, ‘Yes, Damar. You won the game of life,'” said Dr. Timothy Pritts, a UC Health physician.

Pritts describes Hamlin’s condition in positive terms, saying “not only are the lights on, but he’s home.”

However, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, while he’s improving, he’s still not in the best shape:

Pritts said Hamlin has shown “substantial improvement in the last 24 hours,” but remains “critically ill” in hospital’s intensive care unit. All of the 24-year-old’s improvements point to recovery, Pritts added. He’s begun to move his hands and feet, and has no cardiac dysfunction or neurological dysfunction.


At this rate, he’ll recover. It’s unclear what his career will look like after this incident but it’s safe to say that for Hamlin’s family and fans, that’s hardly the most important issue.

Hamlin’s character has shown through during this entire episode of his life. He’s clearly far more concerned with his team and their victory than himself. It’s admirable that a man who came very close to death’s door would still wonder if he and his brothers had won the battle.


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