Don't Blame Gen Z for Voting Democrat; Blame the People Who Told Them To

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, Filr)

Something uncharacteristic happened during the 2022 elections in that the youth actually put its money where its mouth was and turned out to vote.

Historically, you could count on Gen Z to do a lot of screaming and yelling about politics but then absolutely fail to turn up at polling locations. This year, they switched it up and came out in force and one in three was voting Democrat.

According to pollster John Della Volpe noted, Gen Z was the dam that stopped the red wave.

Naturally, this caused finger-pointing to occur and a good deal of anger, all toward Gen Z. No one appreciates that frustration and anger more than the Democrats, who will use all the insults and vitriol thrown their way to further make the case that the young voters were on the right side.

But besides the obvious use the Democrats could get out of your anger, it’s useless anger in the first place. Gen Z is hardly world-weary enough to know the full extent of what they’ve done. Many of them either just became old enough to vote or haven’t escaped the halls of higher academia.

In short, many of them don’t know any better. Their entire perspective on politics comes from people like Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and whatever TikTok influencer they decided to start getting their information from. They’ve been hit over the head repeatedly with these talking points that Republicans are taking away women’s rights, hate people of color, are homophobic, etc., etc., and any sources of news that would tell them otherwise have been deemed as the hubs of absolute evil.

But once we accept that Gen Z voting Democrat, by and large, is the symptom then we can start focusing on the disease. I mentioned earlier in this article (and ad nauseam in all the others) that the culture they take part in is a massive factor in how people view the world around them and, as a result, vote a certain way. This goes quadruple for younger generations.

But it’s not just the culture. It’s the education system that has been so infiltrated by leftist activists that the chances of your kid coming out of the other side of it without having leftist opinions of some kind is incredibly low. Parents have only recently begun taking their school’s curriculum seriously, and discovering horrifying things in the process. RedState has been covering the education system’s failures regularly, and each story is just as horrifying as the next.

But the issue continues, as well, into higher education. I could remember even during my time in college that my biology professor would literally stop a class to get up on her soap box and begin preaching politics once she reached a certain point in her lesson. She was mild considering some of the other things we’ve witnessed university professors do over the course of the last decade.

Gen Z has much less experience and fewer personal points of reference for knowing when someone is just feeding them nonsense and telling them what they want to hear. Pair that with the fact that they’ve been dosed repeatedly with leftist indoctrination and you’re more than likely going to create a rabid leftist ready to do the party’s bidding.

It’s an age-old strategy. Win the youth, win the future.

If Republicans want to stop the eventual destruction of the nation then they have to begin attacking the snake at its head. Involve themselves more in the culture and become societal tastemakers. Investigate your kid’s schools and make sure they’re being taught things they need to be taught to become productive citizens, not loyal activists.

Lastly, stop sending your kids to colleges that will do their abject best to transform them into loyal party members. Stop giving them money. Encourage politicians to begin closing the wallet on state universities that preach anti-American values.

It’s going to take time, but the time to start is now.



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