'They're Making Republicans': Joe Rogan Points to Democrats as Creator of Massive Red Wave

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Provided some dark miracle doesn’t occur, it’s a pretty safe bet that Republicans will sweep the 2022 midterm elections. All Republicans have to do is show up and vote.


Funny enough, that’s all Democrats have to do too. The only issue is that many Democrats are showing up to vote for Republicans too. RedState has been reporting consistently about districts, voters, and polls swapping steadily from blue to red, and it’s not looking like it’s slowing down. In fact, as we get closer to election day, the red wave is ramping up in speed and height.

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Sadly, it’s not necessarily caused by any offensive measures taken by Republicans. To be sure, there are politicians out there fighting the good fight, but many Republicans are gaining momentum for simply not being part of the radicalized Democrat Party who hold up people with actual brain damage as viable candidates.

Joe Rogan noticed this and understands that the oncoming red wave is so much a Republican creation as it is a Democrat one, and couldn’t help but compare it to the notorious scene in the shining where blood pours out of the opening elevator doors.

“They’re creating Republicans,” Rogan said of the phenomenon.

This led to his guest, Bridget Phetasy, telling an interesting story about die-hard Democrat relatives that have now swapped to Republican.

“How did you lose this person?” Phetasy asked.


Rogan is right, and to answer Phetasy’s question, the answers are many. To list a complete takedown of how Democrats are effectively handing Republicans the 2022 midterms you’d need to write a book. I imagine that when all is said and done there will be several.

This year is a case study in what not to do in order to attract people to your cause. Beneath the Democrat’s inept handling of the economy, constant attempts to indoctrinate other people’s children, lack of care about increasing crime, refusal to secure the border, and more is a hard-to-hide contempt for the American people and their values.

Democrats have effectively asked Americans, even voters in their own party, to see to it that they’re removed from office and a more stabilizing force takes over.

Rogan nailed it. Democrats are making Republicans, and to this day, no one has been better at creating them.


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