Voldemort Actor Ralph Fiennes Comes to J.K. Rowling's Defense Over Abuse by Trans Activists

Harry Potter’s universe is well known for subverting the reader’s expectations as to who is truly the good guys and the bad guys. Funny enough, people who played the villains in the Harry Potter moves continue to come out as being the one’s standing up to defend those who deserve defending.


And few people deserve defending quite like Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who is just as known for defending biological women against the encroachment of transgender culture as she is the creation of the millennial’s most-referenced fantasy world. This has caused the internet and much of the celebrity world to turn on her, with both Daniel Radcliff and Emma Watson making contradictory remarks about her.

But not every Harry Potter star is turning on the reason they had such a magical career.

Not long ago, Tom Felton, who played the villain Draco Malfoy in the Potter movies, expressed his appreciation for Rowling despite the backlash and credited her with bringing joy to millions of people. Hagrid’s actor, the late Robbie Coltrain directly stood up against the online trans mobs who came after Rowling, stating that they were just “waiting to be offended” and that they “wouldn’t have won the war.”

In a Rowling-esque twist, it would appear that Voldemort himself is now coming to the forefront to stand with Rowling. Actor Ralph Fiennes has seen the ongoing assault on the author’s legacy and offered up a very reasonable take about Rowling’s position according to The Hollywood Reporter:


Fiennes, who played the villainous Lord Voldemort across four Harry Potter films, told the New York Times that Rowling is not an “obscene, über-right-wing fascist,” when discussing her comments over transgender issues, and that she doesn’t deserve the “verbal abuse” that has been directed at her.

“The verbal abuse directed at her is disgusting, it’s appalling. I mean, I can understand a viewpoint that might be angry at what she says about women. But it’s not some obscene, über-right-wing fascist,” Fiennes said in a weekend magazine interview. “It’s just a woman saying, ‘I’m a woman and I feel I’m a woman and I want to be able to say that I’m a woman.’ And I understand where she’s coming from. Even though I’m not a woman.”

Fiennes is right. The abuse being thrown at Rowling is nonsensical given that Rowling’s position is that only women are women, a statement of biological fact. The billionaire author also is the one standing up for women whenever their lives are destroyed due to stating something as simple as “men cannot be women,” which you feel the social justice left would appreciate given the fact that they claim to be the defenders of women.


As it turns out, this highly vocal mob doesn’t seem to be as consequential as they’d like it to be. Products with Rowling’s name on it continue to sell with wild success, and Rowling even pointed out to one of her detractors that the mob’s hatred of her affects her less and less with every fat royalty check.

Fiennes is right to stand with Rowling against the mob, and in the end, he, Coltraine, Felton, and Rowling will be the ones who will be remembered as the good guys despite the mob’s insistence that they’re evil.


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