J.K. Rowling Laughs Last: 'Hogwarts Legacy' Collector's Edition Sells Out Instantly Despite Leftist Boycott

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There are few people that those on the woke left hate more than J.K Rowling. The Harry Potter author has become one of the left’s favorite punching bags due to her unwillingness to bend the knee to the transgender activist community.


Rowling refuses to say that women and men are interchangeable and is a fierce advocate for protecting women from the socio-political forces that seek to replace them with confused men. Naturally, this has caused a firestorm of undeserved hatred to fly her way, including demands that anything to do with the wizarding world be shunned and boycotted.

Hilariously, this group of people has been ignored by the rest of the world and Rowling continues to watch products with her name on them fly out the door, with piles of cash growing around her.

Case in point, the widely anticipated game “Hogwarts Legacy,” due out early next year, had opened up pre-orders for its collector’s edition. This pre-order comes with extra digital content, a physical copy of the game in a steel case, and a magic wand that floats on top of a recreation of a spell book. For mega fans of Harry Potter and the game itself, it’s a must-have for collectors.

And they must have wanted it hard enough because the edition sold out instantly. Now, if you want one you’ll have to go through scalpers who have now doubled the price.

As culture site Dexerto noted, this was done in spite of the transgender activist community pushing guilt and shame on people who actually went in for the collector’s edition.


Altogether, this is proof that when it comes to fandoms, the fans will always support a good product or representation of their favorite franchise than listen to political nonsense from radical groups. Rowling will continue to be a major influence on younger generations with her stories, which will live on long past the time when the trans activist community’s power and influence have faded away.

While it’s still up in the air as to whether or not the game will be good, the excitement about it has only grown. Its release is likely going to be a big day for Warner Bros., a company that has been slowly but surely turning away from wokeness and radical leftist influence.

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