J.K. Rowling Is Proof That Anger from the Woke Crowd Is Inconsequential

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The thing about shadows is that they’re usually much larger than the actual things casting them. If you set a rabbit in front of a light shining at a wall in the dark, that rabbit would seem monstrous.

This trick can be seen in a variety of ways, especially on social media. Twitter is a stupendous place to witness a false representation of those who adhere to social justice values and leftist radicalism. Twitter has spent a good number of years banning right-leaning people for nonsensical reasons, shadow-banning those effective at being right-leaning thought leaders, and promoting tweets from leftists.

J.K. Rowling, the author of the famed Harry Potter series, is one of those rare occasions when someone who leans left doesn’t lean left in all the right ways and, as such, accusations about her spread like wildfire on the platform.

If you were to believe Twitter (and many media personalities and celebrities do) you’d think Rowling was a universally hated person for her stances on transgenderism. The author embraces “TERF,” the term thrown at her by transgender apologists which stands for “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.” Rowling spends a lot of time supporting women who have been sidelined by transgenderism’s control over mainstream society, and that’s not okay to the left.

Odd, since they’re supposed to be the side that values women and seeks to empower them.

Rowling learned pretty early on that the backlash against her for her positions wasn’t exactly worrisome. On Thursday she responded to an angry post from a Twitter user who asked her how she sleeps at night after losing her whole audience.

“I read my most recent royalty cheques and find the pain goes away pretty quickly,” she said bluntly.

Translated from sharp British wit, this tweet reads “My massive audience is still here you mook.”

And she’s right. Rowling continues to write and sell books successfully. According to Business Insider, her net worth is somewhere between $650 million to $1.2 billion. Her wizarding world is so ingrained in the millennial culture that it’s become something of a meme. They dress up their babies in Hogwarts robes and read the story to them when they get older.

If you were to ask them about Rowling’s thoughts about transgenderism, many of them either don’t care enough for it to affect their love of Harry Potter or they agree with her. If anything, the sales reflect that.

But let’s be clear. The woke audience isn’t exactly lining up to spend cash anyway. There’s a reason the phrase “get woke, go broke” is a few more failed business quarters away from it becoming a rule of business. Very little that actually relies on leftism to make sales makes enough money to stay afloat for long.

Take, for instance, DC’s latest Superman series starring Jon Kent, Superman’s bisexual, climate alarmist son who spends no time fighting bad guys and most of his time talking about issues most people don’t actually care about. Despite writer Tom Taylor’s attempt at making it seem like his comic is going gangbusters, the numbers are telling the real truth. Now, his comic is being canceled and moved into a 6-part series, likely as a way to boost sales for the character.

This is just one of many stories with new stories happening almost weekly.

The lesson here is pretty plain. Don’t pay too much mind to the woke crowd. They are very vocal, very loud, and want you to believe that theirs is the will of the people.

J.K Rowling’s paychecks say otherwise.



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