J.K. Rowling Has Perfect Response to Suggestion She 'Bend the Knee' in Gender Identity Debate

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As I noted earlier, over the last several years we’ve seen some “uniting” between rightists and leftists on certain hot button issues to some extent based on the implicit understanding that if we don’t find common ground and fight back accordingly against those who would upend basic but fundamental social norms that our society will eventually collapse under the weight of its warped commitment to wokeness and political correctness at all costs.


One area where that implicit understanding exists is on the topic of “transgender rights.” Some unlikely alliances have formed between conservatives and prominent liberals like tennis star Martina Navratilova and popular “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling on the topic, with even feminist icon and “Handmaid’s Tale” author Margaret Atwood getting in on the action at one point in wondering why it was almost taboo at this point to use the word “woman” anymore.

Among them, Rowling has been – since December 2019 – particularly vocal in her opinions about how the left has overstepped its bounds in essentially trying to erase women by, among other things, suggesting that there are no experiences in life that are inherently unique to women (a patently false statement if there ever was one), and by declaring that a man (or a woman) can simply identify as the opposite sex and therefore that makes it true.

In response, hardcore so-called “progressives” – especially radical gender identity proponents and their ilk – have repeatedly tried to cancel her, with some actually going so far as to post photos of her home complete with the address numbers on social media in what could only be viewed as an open invitation to have someone stalk and/or harm Rowling all for the crime of daring to think differently.


Through it all, Rowling has steadfastly maintained her pledge to speak not her truth but the truth about the irreparable harm that will be done not just to young girls but to society at large if we continue down the path of militant transgender rights activism.

In fact, just recently, Rowling reaffirmed her commitment to not bending the knee to fanatical leftists in response to people who questioned if she wanted her stance to be part of her legacy and who also suggested that all she had to do in order to remain a beloved author the rest of her life was to “shut the f*** up”:

Though we have our disagreements on other issues, we need many more in this world with the backbone of people like J.K. Rowling (and Joe Rogan, etc.). Because as I’ve said before, though the alliance with people with who we otherwise don’t have a lot in common has been an odd one, it’s a necessary one because this is definitely one of those turning points in our history where if we temporarily put our differences aside and unite together in this battle we will stand tall and strong and emerge victorious on behalf of future generations of women.


But if divided, we absolutely will fall – and at that point, there will be no turning back.

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