The Left Is Abusing the Mentally Disabled In Exchange for Power and It Has to Stop

A little-known fact about me is that I get very bad secondhand embarrassment. Watching people in situations where they’re publicly humiliating themselves on accident is hard for me to watch. I laugh nervously and cover my eyes so I don’t have to watch the scene unfold.

Lately, I’ve been noticing the same thing happening when I watch leftist politicians like President Joe Biden or John Fetterman. Both men are clearly not okay upstairs, and they prove it every single time they get in front of a camera. Yet, they’re held up as legitimate men perfect for leadership roles.

Fetterman, in particular, makes me cringe so hard due to his inability to keep a cohesive thought that I find myself stopping whatever video is playing with him in it well before it’s finished. RedState has covered these moments pretty thoroughly, and I’ve yet to make it through a single one of them.

As RedState reported Tuesday, even MSNBC is admitting that Fetterman could hardly keep up with the conversation they were having with him.

His condition isn’t his fault. He suffered a stroke that has now done damage to his brain. This isn’t something I’d wish on anyone, but what I do hope for is that when someone does suffer something so devastating that they not be expected to perform tasks that stress them beyond what their brains are now capable of. It can’t be healthy.

Yet, the left is planting their foot down and not only shouting that Fetterman is perfectly capable of leading, but finger-waging at anyone and everyone pointing out the truth about his condition.

Leftist activist Lindsey Boylan, for instance, broke out social justice language in an attempt to try to shame anyone trying to point out that the mentally unfit shouldn’t be running for office:

“I literally cannot believe how ableist the commentary is about candidates for office. “Omg he has to read words on a screen to double check himself. How dare he!” Just the worst cultural baggage at play here.

This tweet pretty much sums up the left’s position the left has about Fetterman. You’ll notice it completely ignores the elephant-sized tumor in the room and relies on offensive tactics to distract from the more important issue here.

The attempt to dress Fetterman’s condition with social justice buzzwords is gross because they see his condition just as well as you do, they’re just purposefully choosing to ignore it because he’s their best bet for obtaining power. The man’s status as a post-stroke handicapped individual whose mental capacity is severely diminished means nothing to them, and they will use and abuse him by putting him in situations he shouldn’t be in strictly in order to be able to hold onto the ability to wield authority.

This is a repeating story as well. The same thing happened with Biden who was clearly not fit to lead from the very beginning, and yet the left continued to do everything in its power to hold him up as a viable leader, even to the point where they began shaming people who tried to bring up his mental capacity. Some conservatives even bought into it.

The brutal truth is that when it comes to leadership you do need to have a sharp mind. You’re going to be confronted with a lot of complex issues that require nuanced solutions. You’re going to need to be able to communicate ideas and answer questions clearly and effectively.

Biden and Fetterman hardly have the ability to finish a sentence, much less communicate ideas.

Both of these men should be resting their minds and bodies. Their top responsibility right now should be taking their ease. Biden is old and his mind is diminishing by the minute. He should be in a comfortable chair being served iced tea while he yells at the Weather Channel. Fetterman should be doing what’s necessary to make sure his brain isn’t more stressed than it is while he either recovers or learns to work with his disability.

Neither one of them should be in the position they are now, but the left’s disgusting obsession with power and authority is forcing them both to play major roles they have no business in and pretending that their abuse of these men is somehow virtuous.

It’s not. It’s gross, and America needs to call them out on it relentlessly.


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