The Attempt to Redefine Christianity Isn't Aimed at You, It's Worse Than That

National Audubon Society video:

One thing you’re now seeing more and more is the woke left’s attempts at infiltrating church services in order to infect the Christian religion with their own leftist religion.

From churches that pray to the “god of pronouns” who is the “great they/them who breastfeeds” to churches that host drag shows, the continued attempt to politicize churches into the radicalism of the left and LGBT culture is shifting into overdrive as the social contagion known as transgenderism sweeps the western world.

One recent clip shows a pastor and a drag queen sitting two young girls down in front of the congregation and speaking to them about how God is someone who doesn’t want us living in the confines of society, using this as a reason why transgenderism and drag queens aren’t just perfectly acceptable but a moral good.

This drag performer calls himself a “drag preacher” that goes by the name of “Penny Cost” and has his own website where he sports a profanity-laced slam poem on the front page where he states “God must be f***ing nothing if her boundaryless, transubstantiated bodies of color are run down, beaten, and strewn in the streets of America instead of ruling the runways of life.”

Christians that focus more on the word of God than the word of a gimmicky drag queen (which is the vast majority of Christians) won’t buy into this. Rest assured, the mainstream will adopt this view of Christianity and try to push it as the norm, and the urge to resist that social pressure will be harder for some than others, but the main point isn’t to convince you.

As usual, when it comes to radical leftism, the attempt isn’t to change your mind, it’s to normalize it for the generation that comes after you.

The goal is for your child to look online and not see pastors and religious scholars actually speaking about the gospel and telling truths no matter how difficult they are to hear, it’s for your kid to get on YouTube, TikTok, or whatever platform they’ll have in the future and proceed to hear from woke preachers on topics about race, sex, sexuality, and more.

They will attempt to introduce words into the lexicon that will define how we talk about different subjects surrounding the worship of God and Christ, allowing them to control conversations and narratives. Even if your child grows up in a Christian household, that language will seep into conversations.

You can see this happening in more than one place. Television shows, movies, schools, sports, and more have all begun trying to redefine one thing or another in an attempt to shift the culture’s Overton window leftward. It will give them a huge advantage when attempting to convince people to join in on their way of thinking.

Even if they don’t get your kids, their chances of getting your grandchildren are much higher.

Churches that push this kind of political god won’t just go away due to lack of attendance. The money and donations it gets from out-of-state supporters will probably be monumental. They will be treated just like any other political organization. Don’t be surprised to see a lot more woke churches appear and with large social media presences to boot.

The best thing you can do for your kids is to teach them the real gospel and how to spot the false shepherds looking to manipulate them into following a fake god right into the voting booth, which is the ultimate goal. In the end, this isn’t about a more open-minded and loving god, this is about a more powerful and controlling political party.


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