Harvard Hospital Ruins Its Credibility With Bizarre Claim About Transgender Babies In the Womb

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They say that universities are centers of higher learning but someone is going to have to explain how Harvard, considered by many to be one of the more prestigious universities, is currently making wild claims about the gender identity of unborn babies.


As reported by the Daily Mail, Boston Children’s Hospital suggested that babies know they’re transgender from the beginning, even inside the womb. The claim comes from a video they released with a psychologist named Kerry McGregor saying babies understand their gender identity while they’re gestating in their mother:

‘But a good portion of children do know as early as – seemingly – from the womb.

‘And they will usually express their gender identity as very young children, some as soon as they can talk… kids know very, very early.

According to Heritage Foundation’s Dr. Jay Richards, this is a claim not at all based on any science and is, instead, indicative of what he calls a “social contagion”:

‘Based on a series of events that I think, mostly due to social contagion plus the kind of ideological commitment, many now consider these the proper standard of care for kids with gender dysphoria and Boston Children’s Hospital is just one of the first ones to do it,’ Dr Richards said.

He added: ‘Some kids conform more or less closely to gender stereotypes.

‘This tells us nothing about their ‘gender identity,’ a concept that no child has on his or her own, that no one had until recently, and that doesn’t even have a stable definition.’

According to child psychologist Lorna Marsh, newborns don’t even have a sense of self-identity in the first few months of their life:


It will take years for your baby to become their own person. When they are first born, your baby is dependent on you for their every need. They will think that you and them are one and the same.

At the very beginning, your baby is only aware of their immediate needs: food, love, and attention. In these first few months, much of their time and energy will be spent trying to gain control over their basic movements and reflexes.

Meaning that babies cannot differentiate themselves from their mothers until months in and that their primary concerns revolve around very basic needs. There is no earthly way that an unborn child has the capacity to grasp the concept of male or female, especially in the womb.

It’s amazing that a university usually steeped in science would even allow this unscientific suggestion to come out of its halls. It boggles the mind how radical ideologies have infested it so deeply, but as Richards noted above, this is a social contagion or the unwitting spread of emotions or behaviors from one individual to others.

According to Psychology Today, social contagions take many forms from aggression contagions (seen at BLM riots) to financial contagions (the great depression). One kind, in particular, may explain how transgenderism has become so prevalent in today’s society that even scientists are willing to dismiss common sense; the “hysterical contagion.”


According to Psychology Today, this is a type of folie à deux or shared psychosis that causes people to think and behave erratically. It uses the “June bug epidemic” of 1962 as an example, which was a mysterious disease that spread among workers of a textile factory. After scientists and medical experts looked into the contagion, they found that there was no disease and that the workers had literally fooled themselves into believing they were sick. The social contagion was brought about by a high-stress work environment.

In today’s environment, it’s not too far of a stretch to think many are suffering from a social contagion in the form of a belief in having gender dysphoria. While this hasn’t been proven yet by actual research, with gender dysphoria already being classified as a mental illness, the sudden skyrocketing claims of suffering from the illness over the past few years coincided with the left and the media’s obsession with it.




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