Dana Loesch Lays Down Brutal Truth in Monologue After Attacks From 'The View'


It’s kind of rich to get lessons in morality from the hostesses of “The View,” some of the most ignorant and morally repugnant people on daytime television. The ladies on the show have engaged in racism, false virtue signaling, blatant lies, and hypocrisy, yet they always seem to believe that they have their finger on what is right and good in our society.


So these women attacking Dana Loesch would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic.

As my colleague Sister Toldja covered earlier, “The View” went off on Loesch after the conservative radio show host defended Herschel Walker. Walker had come under attack by the left after claims that he’d paid for an abortion in 2009 began circulating thanks to an article by the Daily Beast.

Loesch made it clear that if Walker used his own money to pay some “skank” for an abortion then she’ll still take him over Walker’s Democrat opponent, Raphael Warnock, who wants to use everyone else’s money to pay for unlimited abortions.

The women of “The View” took time out of their show to get on their soapboxes and finger-wag at Loesch, but mostly to defend abortion. Alyssa Farah went so far as to call Loesch the “moral rot that’s taking over my party.”

As Toldja covered in her article, Loesch initially fired back on Twitter, tweeting directly to host Whoopie Goldberg “I refuse to coddle or celebrate irresponsible women who use abortion as birth control. I’m right, so get over it. That you’re angrier over that than murder speaks volumes about your character.”

But she wasn’t done yet.

Loesch took to her own show and gave a monologue that stated a brutal truth. There are many women out there that use abortion as a form of birth control and she’s not taking back the label of “skank” from these women.


“I play hardball and if you don’t like it, then go find a sissy,” she said.

Loesch said she’s very “forthright” about things and that not everyone is going to like that.

“I’ll be damned if I use kitten and sunshine language for women who celebrate the wreckless behavior of women who treat abortion as birth control,” she continued. “And that’s exactly what I’m talking about.”

“So yes, when you engage in reckless promiscuity, that is skank behavior,” said Loesch. “You’re behaving like a skank.”

Loesch continued by stating that not pointing out this behavior as it is doesn’t make what they are less true. Moreover, the negative connotation of “skank” is indeed negative since it’s being applied to negative behavior, and noted that the same applies to men.

Loesch then switched gears and highlighted the hypocrisy of women telling men they have no say in the matter of abortion for years while demanding accountability from men for kids.

“You gotta pick a narrative here, ladies,” said Loesch.

Loesch reiterated her position and finished it off by telling the hostesses of “The View” that if her words offend them more than the actual murder of children then they need to check their souls.


Loesch is correct. Only one to three percent of abortions are medically necessary while well over 90 percent are done for social or economic reasons. This fits in with the definition of using abortion as a form of birth control. The examples often used by the left to pardon abortion are exceedingly rare, but abortion as a corrective measure after a night of uncautious sex is not.

So how is Loesch wrong?

I doubt “The View” will have Loesch on the show to argue these points face to face.


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