Dana Loesch Has Thoughts After ‘View’ Hosts Clutch Pearls Over Her Herschel Walker Defense


A lot has been said and written about The Daily Beast story from Tuesday that alleged Georgia Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker, currently locked in a tight battle with Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock, paid a woman to have an abortion in 2009.


Though Walker denies the allegation and has threatened a lawsuit against TDB, his critics are using the story to do a number of things: 1) “prove” that it shows Walker is a hypocrite on his pro-life stance and publicly-stated commitment to family and 2) “prove” that Walker is a volatile, unstable person of questionable character.

Opinions, of course, vary on the subject with most falling along party lines.

But it’s conservative commentator and radio host Dana Loesch whose opinions on the allegation against Walker as part of her overall thoughts on the state of the closely-watched Georgia Senate race that triggered The Usual Suspects, including the co-hosts of “The View,” who clutched pearls during the Wednesday broadcast over what Loesch had to say.

Before we get to that, take a look/listen at Loesch’s commentary (transcribed from the video):

“So, does this change anything? I mean, do you want my opinion? Not a damn thing. How many times have I said four very important words? These four: Winning. Is. A. Virtue.

What I’m about to say is in no means a contradiction or a compromise of a principle. And please keep in mind that I am concerned about one thing and one thing only at this point. So I don’t care if Herschel Walker paid to abort endangered baby eagles. I want control of the Senate.

If the Daily Beast story is true, you’re telling me Walker used his money to reportedly pay some skank for an abortion, and Warnock wants to use all of our monies to pay a whole bunch of skanks for abortions.”


She went on to say that since the vast majority of abortions are performed for matters of convenience and in some instances are paid for with taxpayer dollars, that she has every right to provide input using whatever descriptors she wanted to.


On Wednesday’s “View” program, the co-hosts had to reach for the smelling salts, including Whoopi Goldberg, who was especially incensed that Loesch would use the word “skanks” to describe a woman who went to have an abortion. Alyssa Farah Griffin, desperately seeking approval from the other hosts as the lone “conservative” voice, also chimed in, proclaiming that Loesch’s comments represent the “moral rot that’s taking over my party”:


Loesch, who expanded on her thoughts in a Substack post and who has spent some time on Twitter defending what she said and calling out critics, responded accordingly to what Goldberg and Griffin had to say.

“I refuse to coddle or celebrate irresponsible women who use abortion as birth control. I’m right, so get over it. That you’re angrier over that than murder speaks volumes about your character,” she tweeted to Goldberg.

To Griffin, Loesch wrote “good to know you find an honest description of females who use abortion as birth control more heinous than actual murder. Thanks for showing you’re willing to put lives on the chopping block if it means the left will validate you.”

My .02 on this, first and foremost, is that under absolutely no circumstances will I ever, ever take self-serving, hollowly pious moral lectures on anything from any abortion-supporting Democrat, let alone the harpies at The View for who no low is too low to stoop to if it means “owning the cons” and what not.

Secondly, I don’t know what did or did not happen in Walker’s private life in the past. But I do know about this little thing called the concept of forgiveness, and if he’s “gotten religion” and is on a better path in life than the one he was reportedly on early on, more power to him.

One thing Loesch is undoubtedly right about here is that control of the Senate is on the line and the futures of unborn children are also at stake. As Republicans made clear in 2016, it’s not about the person with the most upstanding moral character anymore. It’s about electing warriors who will fight the good fight against hardcore leftists like Warnock who will use every tool at their disposal and then some in order to fundamentally change this country into something it should never be.


As former Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld once said, “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time.” Not to sound hyperbolic, but that has perhaps never been more true than it is now. Vote accordingly.

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