They Are Playing by Different Rules Than You

I want to point something out to you that you’ve likely already noticed, but judging by the way we’re playing ball it doesn’t seem to have sunk in for the majority of America yet.

There are two sets of rules in this country, one for the left and one for the right.

For the left, going to extremes in order to get their way is a perfectly legitimate strategy. They can lie, steal, cheat, assault, and even kill and no one will bat an eye. In fact, they may end up going on national television in order to defend you with absolutely no qualms about telling whoppers that they know you know are lies.

It doesn’t matter if you know, they know there’s not really much you can do about it and they know that. Their districts will continue to elect them for the “D” next to their name and they’ll use your complaining about them to lead divide their constituency further away from you by making your legitimate criticisms and anger out to be bigoted hatred.

Meanwhile, they’ll proceed to paint any negative event in this nation as your fault. The January 6 riots, for instance, are being held up as the biggest tragedy to strike America since 9/11. While it’s not remotely comparable, the comparability’s not the point. The feeling of a great atrocity is all they want to convey. Every hearing and commission is only meant to further give off this idea that this was a supremely dark moment in our history.

While the riot wasn’t good, it was hardly one of the darker moments in our nation’s history, and it’s not like something worse hasn’t happened in D.C. before…and at their hands. In fact, it happened very recently.

The video below comes from June of 2020 where rioters had surrounded the White House and President Donald Trump was forced to a bunker.

This was complete with demonstrations featuring a Trump mannequin lookalike in a guillotine.

This largely went uncondemned by Democrats and a few encouraged more “unrest in the streets.” No commissions were called for this, but perhaps now they should be.

No one from these riots was held without trial for an absurd length of time. If investigations from people like Andy Ngo are correct, then some of these rioters were doubtlessly rioting in other cities, causing destruction later on. They will not find themselves in any trouble on any federal level as the FBI will doubtless leave them alone.

In the meantime, the same federal agents who likely know all about the leaders of the 2020 riot and not doing a damn thing about it will show up at your door. All it will take is the rumor that you were at the wrong place at the wrong time…according to Democrats.

You are, according to the President of the United States, the enemy. You’re dangerous simply becuase you disagree with the state. That’s just for disagreement. If you’re a danger then you can expect them to raid your home to search for evidence of wrongdoing without having any real evidence that you ever did.

Conservatives, and I’d venture to say most regular Americans, are playing by a playbook that the left tossed out a long time ago. At this point, they look at your desire for fairness as an exploit.

To be clear, I’m not encouraging us to resort to the same dirty government methods that they are. Theirs is the desire for bigger government, and normalizing a bigger government to punish our political enemies just because they disagree wth us is antithetical to who we are. That said, I think its time we begin using the power we have established to begin rooting out the bad actors spurring these actions on.

If inaction from Republicans was the soil that much of these problems grew from then hubris was the water. We need to do more than vote them out, we need to demoralize them to a point where they will be scared to try to push the Overton window this far again, at least for decades.

On the federal level, we need to rip apart departments and remove the partisan lapdogs. This should further be met with defunding and reorganizing. The IRS should suddenly find itself not billions of dollars and thousands of employees larger but deconstructed until hardly resembles its former self. Investigations into domestic terror groups like Antifa should be thorough and the culprits should be made examples of. They cannot be allowed to rule the streets any longer.

Things like this are fun to talk about but mean absolutely nothing if we don’t elect politicians who are ready to become policy un-makers, not policy makers. We need to elect people who are willing to be statemen and warriors. This climb back to an America that resembles the values it espouses will be long and arduous, but it’s still not impossible.


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