It's Definitely Time for the 'LGB' to Kick out the 'T'

The gay and lesbian community have always had a culture of their own, and while I don’t agree with their lifestyle, I’ve always taken the libertarian attitude that a person’s business is their own. So long as they’re not hurting anyone or attempting to get everyone else to obey them, then I have no issue with them.

To be sure, many of the gays and lesbians I’ve met have had the same attitude and mean absolutely no harm to anyone. I’ve developed many friendships with gays and lesbians over the course of my life, all of whom are lovely people.

The culture surrounding the “G” and the “L” communities were obviously separate but united under the commonality of homosexuality. The “B” had always belonged in this group as well, given that bi-sexuality means a person could be hetero or homo at any given moment.

The “T” in “LGBT,” however, was always a bit of an outlier. While the L, G, and B all have to do with homosexuality, the transgender community doesn’t necessarily deal with homosexuality at all, it just claims to be a gender it’s not.

The transgender community has become a community that doesn’t wish to be left alone to do what it wants. If it was, it likely wouldn’t have as much negative attention as it does. Instead, it’s a community whose activists are the most vicious, demanding, and rude. It threatens people who disobey it and destroys anyone they even perceive to be a threat.

For a time, the transgender activists were content to attack the general population, accusing random people of being “transphobic” for merely suggesting everyone let everyone live their own lives and believe their own beliefs. Soon, their eyes set on more than just the general population. They wanted to be the one letter to rule all the letters, and trans activists began attacking the rest of the LGBT lineup.

For instance, men who identify as women began going into lesbian bars and attempting to get women to sleep with them. Naturally, the lesbians would refuse their advances since they were men and men aren’t what they’re into sexually. This caused the trans activist community to begin accusing lesbians of bigotry and transphobia, effectively demanding that they have sex with transgendered people or risk backlash from the trans activists.

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The same attacks began happening at gay bars where women who identify as men would walk into these spaces and attempt to kick up sexual relationships with men, being rejected, and becoming angry about it. As my colleague Alex Parker reported, this began the rise of a hashtag called “#LGBKickOutTheT.”

It’s pretty clear at this point that the transgender community has become so hubristic that it actually demands sex from people and attempts to paint their communities as evil when they don’t get it. This isn’t just a takeover in name, this is an attempt to shame and guilt people into sexual intercourse.

This is the same community that’s attempting to rope in kids and accusing the people who naturally become angry at this attempt to groom them.

The transgender community has always found it beneficial to fall under the alternative sexuality’s umbrella but at this point, it’s clear it doesn’t see itself as one of the group, but above it. The wish to live and let live isn’t part of the transgender activist community’s desires. It demands obedience, not independence. It requires absolute submission to an idea, not the freedom to be who you want to be.

It seems to me that the gays and lesbians of the western world may find themselves with a choice at some point. Either they submit to the demands of the transgender activist community and live under their rules or they reject the cultural hold they’ve attempted to place on them and distance themselves from that community. This choice will come to them sooner or later as the transgender activist community will, at some point, push them there.


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