Mass Layoffs: Victoria's Secret Is Going Broke After Making the Mistake of Going Woke

Victoria’s Secret is a corporation that made its money and popularity being a company that sold women’s clothing to women. The products ranged from tantalizing to comfortable, and it was all done with the backdrop of being a company that sold the feeling of sexiness to women.


But now they’re being forced to lay off a staggering 160 employees on the management level in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

What happened? The same thing that happens to many modern businesses nowadays, they went woke and now they’re going broke. Like every other instance of the “get woke go broke” pattern, Victoria’s Secret decided to abandon its concentration on feminine beauty and empowerment through femininity in order to embrace LGBT sentiments and transgenderism.

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It went so far as to ditch its fashion show and it no longer has its famous “angels.” Despite it being a company that sells women’s products, it decided to strip itself of the glamour that made it so famous.

This naturally turned a lot of women away, and now the company’s stock is tumbling faster than Joe Biden’s approval rating according to the New York Post:

Shares of Victoria’s Secret tumbled on Wednesday after the lingerie giant said it’s laying off 160 management-level employees at its Ohio headquarters.

The fired workers in “management roles” represent 5% of Victoria’s Secret home office headcount and will save about $40 million, the company said.

Shares fell 4.3% to $26.80 on Wednesday.

At this point, this should surprise no one. As I’ve written before, wokeness tends to morph a company from what it is into a delivery system for a political message, killing what made the company so appealing in the first place:


But even outside television, wokeness taints everything it touches. You might not have to hear a virtue signal every time you walk into a Dick’s Sporting Goods but it’s difficult to walk in there since the CEO effectively told you that your beliefs about firearms are horrendous and he actively opposes your right to bear them freely.

Wokeness doesn’t just bother you because it’s annoying, it bothers you because it is the thing that directly opposes you as a person. It tells you that your beliefs, virtues, morals, and traditions are actually evil and that in order for you to cease being evil you must kneel before it and believe what it tells you to. You must do this in spite of the fact that you can see how its toxicity affects those who subscribe to its near-religious tenets.

Wokeness doesn’t just suggest, it intrudes and demands. It forces you into a war you didn’t want to be a part of.

Victoria’s Secret turned its back on women while still trying to sell women’s products to them, and women shrugged them off as a result.



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