How the Transgender Community Uses Cult-like Tactics and Unmitigated Fear to Seduce and Destroy

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On Monday, two Twitter accounts described themselves as former transgender individuals who had detransitioned, but would forever suffer the effects of the hormone therapy and surgeries done upon them to make them look more like the opposite sex. These two accounts recounted how they began having mental and physical health issues despite the medical community telling them that what they were doing was perfectly safe and reversible.


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While delving into the detrans rabbit hole, I came across a very interesting thread on Twitter by a grad student named Eliza Mondegreen who is researching gender identity. The thread answered a question many have had about the transgender community’s ability to reach for the most extreme ideas toward any given subject surrounding themselves. In particular, why do so many in the transgender community believe that those who merely don’t agree with their lifestyle truly believe they want to kill them.

Mondegreen had been researching this phenomenon and seems to have found the answer. As she calls it, what many in the transgender community undergo is called “phobia indoctrination.”

“Phobia indoctrination instills irrational fears in members of a high-control group and uses those fears to manipulate members so they won’t question the group’s beliefs or try to leave,” tweeted Mondegreen, who expanded upon this in a thread.

“Here’s what phobia indoctrination looks like in the trans community,” she continued. “Telling community members that anyone who questions gender identity or transition (even if from a place of genuine care or concern) hates them, ‘denies their existence,’ or even wants them dead.”


Mondegreen notes that this type of indoctrination is especially effective on younger people who then isolate themselves from friends and family who contradict or disapprove of the lifestyle. They even push away those who have trouble following the elaborate rules the trans community requires for social interaction.

Moreover, the trans community is fooled into believing murder rates among trans people are driven by hatred, but in truth, trans people are murdered for the same reasons everyone else is, be it drugs or bad luck. Moreover, transitioning is used as a sort of alternative to suicide, causing desperation among the transgendered to both desires and defend transitioning as if their very life depended on it.

It gets worse. The brainwashing includes attacking anyone who is questioning transgenderism or transitioning within their own community, teaching everyone what happens when one of their own steps out of line, resulting in self-policing.

Mondegreen puts the results of this brainwashing plainly.

“The result? Community members gripped by irrational fears (including the fear of freely following their own thoughts); alienated from the outside world by bizarre protocols and unreasonable expectations; constantly self-policing to avoid running afoul of doctrine,” she tweeted.


Mondegreen noted that if the transgender community was more geared toward free thought, free expression, open-mindedness, and allowing research, then it would be a much more healthy community to be a part of, but it’s not.

However, it’s not. Just by reading what Mondegreen has uncovered in her research, it appears as if the transgender community is currently operating like a cult. It keeps its own in line by using fear fostered by lies. People within the community aren’t allowed to question anything, and must only obey. Failure to do so results in isolation and ridicule.

As I noted in the article about the two detransition Twitter accounts, seduction into the transgender community is best started very young as it allows the naive to be fooled into believing that whatever mental or physical discomfort they suffer from is a sign of gender dysphoria. They’re lured into the lifestyle and soon are indoctrinated without knowing any better. Even if the youngster doesn’t suffer from gender dysphoria, they soon are given another mental illness from the overwhelming mental abuse, fear, and sensationalism thrust upon them by the community.

They begin, almost obediently, isolating themselves from those who truly do care about them in order to better embrace a community that pretends to understand them better. Soon, they’re coerced into doing irreparable harm to their own bodies. By the time the transgender community is done, they’re broken in both body and mind.


Increasingly, more stories of detransitioners are coming to the surface. This community is full of people who are putting themselves back together after their journey through the transgender community, and many seek to help those looking for a way out.


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