Two Men Who Used to be Transgender Explain the Horrors of Transitioning

Transgenderism is covered constantly by our media, and the vast majority of the time, it’s painted with all the rainbows and unicorns one would expect from the left. What is never talked about is the horrifying experiences many have during and after their transition. It’s been hinted at before, but in terms of attention, these stories are egregiously overlooked.

Part of the reason for this is that many places refuse to study the effects of transgenderism and transition treatments and surgeries on the human psyche for fear of cancellation. This includes major universities.

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Yet it would appear that Matt Walsh’s documentary “What Is a Woman” has had the unintended side effect of causing formerly trans people to come forward and tell you what issues they faced when transitioning. Two Twitter accounts, in particular, are getting some serious attention.

The first was brought to my attention by the Daily Wire itself, which reported on a Twitter account called “detransguy.” According to the account, the person’s name is “Jaden” and he says he is a biological male who had undergone hormone therapy as a youth and irreversibly damaged his body in the process.

The other that appeared goes by “TullipR,” who also goes into horrifying detail about the issues he faced while transitioning.

Both of these accounts say that their bodies have been ruined by these procedures. Both reported medical issues such as deep emotional trauma, permanent numbness in the groin area, muscle and bone issues, complete destruction of any sex drive, and the end of fertility.

Moreover, both of these accounts note that this was done with the complete approval (and seeming enthusiasm) of the medical community. As Jaden noted, he’s disturbed by the medical community’s outright lies about the safety of the drugs they were forcing on him.

TullipR is a moderator at the “r/detrans” subreddit, a community with over 33,000 members. Just cruising through some of the posts, you get a very good look into a group of people who were offered transgenderism as an escape from something else. One user, u/furbysaysburnthings, posted a picture that showed many reasons people decide to transition, including depression and anxiety, bullying, sexual trauma, and immersion in transgender propaganda.

There are two horrifying things we can pull from these stories. For one, our mainstream culture is effectively holding up transitioning as something of a cure-all for any mental or emotional discomfort or trauma one is suffering. It doesn’t matter how light or common the issue is, the answer from mainstream culture is “you’re transgender.” The younger you are, the more you’re seduced by this, resulting in a spike in transgenderism around the nation.

The other is that there is little pushback from the medical community about this. As TullipR noted, surgeons almost seem to treat transition surgeries like a game. Whether this is due to medical personnel believing in the cause of transgenderism or just afraid to oppose the activist community and cancelation mobs isn’t clear, but it’s likely both. They took a vow to “do no harm” but proceeded to introduce harmful drugs to teenagers without fully understanding what the outcomes would be.

Yet, these detransitioned individuals seem to have a very good idea as to what the outcome is, and their stories are disturbing.

Hopefully, these stories will be highlighted in the future and talked about more within our culture, but at this moment, mainstream culture still holds transgenderism as the highest and holiest thing, so much so that they allow trans individuals to dance provocatively in front of children.


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