The Drag Stripper In Full Panicked Retreat After Dancing for Children Tells Us a Lot

It’s easy to think incredibly stupid things when there are a lot of people around you showering you with constant affirmation. The LGBT activist community, for instance, is really into the idea of inducting children into their fold by exposing them to drag, gender fluidity, and homosexual acts depicted in literature, even to the point of illustrating them.


As my colleague Nick Arama reported, an event at a gar bar in Dallas, Texas, had drag dancers in skimpy clothing dancing for children who handed them money and even strutted down the runway with them. On the wall in the back were neon signs that read “It’s not gonna lick itself.”

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During the event, however, an interesting thing happened where Alex Stein of The Blaze was confronting one of the dancers. As you can see in the video below, Stein was asking loudly if the man likes dancing for little children and that he should be ashamed of himself. Instead of being proud about doing so, as the movement tends to promote itself as being, the drag dancer was panicked and angry.

At first, he yelled back at Stein, but then soon he was at his car door trying to get to safety. The door was locked, however, and the drag dancer kept banging on the hood for the driver to unlock the door, intermittently trying the handle again with no result. Finally, he managed to get in and slammed the door shut.

I thought these dancers were proud to be doing what they were doing. If the activists are attempting to create a more “inclusive” world then why isn’t the dancer wearing this proudly. Why did he approach Stein and calmly explain his motives or why he thought what he was doing was a moral good?


Instead, he’s panicking as Stein attempts to confront him. He wants to retreat to a safe space where he doesn’t have to hear Stein laying out the disgusting reality of the situation. He’s clearly not proud. He’s terrified. He’s — dare I say it — ashamed.

Deep down, I can’t help but think that the people who are attempting to groom children know that there’s no morality in what they’re doing and that it is, in fact, damaging to the children. These people are consistently attempting to do this in the shadows. Parents had to discover it happening in schools as schools were actively attempting to keep these things hidden from them. Florida’s Parental Rights law was crafted with a focus put on, not just keeping schools from indoctrinating children with LGBT ideology but also schools keeping secrets from parents.

When confronted by society, those who would sexualize children oftentimes find their fantasy shattered once reality sets in and the shame begins to take hold. Watch any episode of “To Catch a Predator” to see this in action. The only difference between these two groups of pedophiles is that during the heyday of Chris Hayes, pedophilia was still wholly rejected by both the right and the left and pedophiles felt isolated and afraid once they were caught. Today’s pedophiles have the backing of one of the most powerful and influential activist communities in the western world. They still feel the shame, but they’re no longer isolated and can retreat to a safe space to reassure themselves.


What I’m seeing is a person who knows he shouldn’t be doing what he’s doing, but can’t help himself. The pleasure outweighs the guilt, and his affirming peers help make feeling the guilt harder to do. The moment something representing reality is entered into the equation he’s in full retreat. He’s not running from the conservative, though. He’s running from the guilt.


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