The Left's Penchant for Self-Hatred and Destruction Manifests at the Supreme Court Protests

The Left's Penchant for Self-Hatred and Destruction Manifests at the Supreme Court Protests
AP Photo/Anna Johnson

I’ve often wondered if there’s something about committing yourself to leftist beliefs that somehow drives you nuts. Looking at the social justice adherents you’ll find all sorts of things that indicate they have no love for themselves. Their hair is often butchered into odd styles and colored in unnatural shades of neon. Body modifications are very common and while not typically an indicator of hatred for the self, these add to the overall purpose of appearing unattractive.

Then there’s the bizarre behavior. Anger is oftentimes the most jumped to emotion in almost any given situation. Lashing out with violence isn’t uncommon. Hyperbole accompanies tantrums. Destruction of property in order to intimidate or distract is done with zero guilt. If you were to compare their behavior to a two-year-old child’s you wouldn’t see much difference.

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Throughout the time I’ve witnessed social justice advocates doing their thing, I’ve noticed that very little casts them into fits of excessive rage quite like abortion. Pro-abortion activists will do everything from run naked in the streets to throw jars of feces and urine around in order to express their rage. They dress up as vaginas for fun and don “pussy hats” because somehow they believe this will help get their point across.

But the overall message is that abortion isn’t just good, it’s awesome. Advocates celebrate abortion as if it’s holy and they will protect it at all costs. It’s embraced with reverence, and anyone who opposes it will be ridiculed into the dirt or have violence done upon them. The pressure to be pro-abortion is immense, especially in colleges and universities where the young are more susceptible to social pressure and ignorance.

Mashing it all together, you get a person with a lot of self-hatred, hatred of others, and the fear of being anything else.

In short, you get the woman in the picture below.

This is a sad thing to see. This girl seems to believe that it would be better to be dead than be her.

Now, this could very well be a poster made specifically to get shock responses, but even if it’s a joke there seems to be the smell of a little truth on it. Looking at her, she’s clearly there with what might be her fellow students from some unknown school. She’s wearing a mask, meaning she’s adhering to rules she no longer has to follow. She’s invested very heavily in the leftist message, and we’ve seen how that turns out for people.

It’s highly possible she’s suffering from some sort of depression. Why wouldn’t she be? She’s clearly been pressured to believe things with all her might that are self-destructive and wrong. Leftism, at its core, is a weight. They don’t shy away from that. They make you believe that society is crumbling and the world will end at any moment and the only way it can be saved is if you adhere to their standards, believe what they tell you to, and do what they say…or else.

It’s social terrorism and this girl has clearly been caught up in it.

This girl is the manifestation of all that leftism is, and sadly she’s not alone. You can see these people at almost every lefty rally, march, or riot. They give off some feeling of an emotional sink, like a black hole that swallows light. They hate you, they hate the system, they even hate their allies, but in the end, they really just hate themselves…just like the left taught them to.

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