These Groomers Want a War They Can't Win

These Groomers Want a War They Can't Win
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I think it’s pretty clear that we live in a time where people attempting to sexualize children are more than happy they’re attempting to tell you so. If you need references to back that assertion up, my colleagues and I have been dropping article after article about it.

Whether it’s the mainstream media attempting to run defense for justices that want to let pedophiles off with little more than a hand slap, to activists openly and proudly declaring that they want to teach your young child how to masturbate while on drugs, the attempt to seize your child’s mind and body has now lead to an all-out culture war.

As my colleague, Brad Slager, reported earlier this month, Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke out against the Florida Law that forbids teachers or education officials of any kind from teaching sexuality and identity politics to children from the 3rd grade on down. The bill, now signed into law, is a common-sense bill that we can all get on board with, but it would appear like many radical leftists, Chapek thinks this bill is just awful.

As Slager noted, Chapek is angry over a bill that contains rules his own company enforces when it comes to their product.

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Fast forward to today, and the Walt Disney Company has declared that it will work to get the “Don’t Say Gay” bill repealed, declaring that the bill “should have passed and should never have been signed into law.”

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As has been covered a million times, the law does not prohibit the word “gay” from being spoken at all. It simply forbids attempting to force children to be sexualized or engage in identity politics. That’s it. It’s necessary to stop things from happening like what Ron DeSantis pointed out in the video he posted to Twitter of a mother describing how they forced her daughter to “transition.”

This is pure, unapologetic grooming. If you’re against this bill, or try to pass it off as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, you either want to, or you support, the act of grooming children for either sexual reasons or reasons revolving around the sexualization of children. Period. There is no in-between.

This is happening on almost every level of our society from individual activists to major corporations. They want your children. They will not be reasoned with. They will force this on you and your family and they will do so with absolute confidence because they’re confident they’re on the right side of history.

They’re going to fight tooth and nail, and this includes lying to the public, subversively manipulating your children, intimidation, and more.

If there’s one thing we need to understand, it’s that these people mean business and they intend to win. They’re going to go out of their way to make sure that happens. They’re not going to fight fair, and they’ll use every dirty trick in the book to make it happen. They will use everything from schools to the pressure a major corporation can apply in order to achieve their aims.

Rest assured, I’m not being overdramatic when I say that you’re currently embroiled in a war and if you don’t think you are, then it’s enough that they think they’re in one against you. The cost of losing this war against these people is nothing short of your children.

The stakes are incredibly high and they’re wheeling out the big guns, but nothing can withstand the American parent, especially when a lot of them get together and push back. They’re not on the right side of history because history is whatever the parents of America determine it is. It’s the way it’s been for ages and parents should remember how powerful they are.

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