Transgender Entitlement

I don’t care what you do in your personal life. If you’re a man who identifies as a woman, likes to put on makeup and dresses, and change your name from “Chuck” to “Samantha” then you do you and I’ll personally have nothing against you.


I’m sure there are quite a few in the transgender community who share the sentiment with myself and many of my readers that neither of us needs to worry about what the other is doing in the privacy of our own homes. I may have a firearm collection that I own both responsibly and legally and “Samantha” can have the latest fall line from Maybelline. Neither of us should care, and if we’re being honest, the world would be a much better place if many people just minded their own business.

The issue comes with the demand that I somehow participate in your lifestyle be it through compliance of demands and/or worship at a distance. Transgender people are, by and large, the group most notorious for its demands that everyone not just reveres them, but obey them. We must, at all times, comply with every whim and wish lest we be made into societal pariahs with accusations of being hateful bigots. This is accompanied by angry mobs, personal threats, and attempts to destroy one’s livelihood.

The problem is that these attempts have succeeded far more often than they should have, and as a result, it’s spurred them to do it even more.

This caving by society has spoiled them into believing that their way is the only and it has made the transgender activist community very, very entitled. You’ve likely seen how.

Right now, your children are being taught about sex and sexuality, gender fluidity, and more without the consent of parents all around the nation. This is happening in and out of schools. As I previously covered, four Kentucky women are teaching “gender exploration” as well as “sexual activity while using licit and illicit drugs” and how to be a sex worker. The founder of the “sexy summer camp” admitted on video that the moment her nephews could talk she taught them how to masturbate.


The transgender community has also demanded that they be allowed to participate in whatever sport they choose whether male or female. If (and more likely when) men defeat women in these sports we’re to cheer and congratulate him as if he’s accomplished something spectacular. Failure to do so will come with consequences.

Transgendered people even believe they’re entitled to the bodies of others as they will apparently they’ve found it okay to shame others for not having sex with them. Transgender activists would have you feel sorry for them but if you were to place anyone else in place of the transgender person in this scenario people would flip.

No matter how protected the group is in our society, we need to learn when to collectively tell them “no.” Lines need to be drawn and when they threaten to destroy someone over it, we collectively tell them no to that as well.

No, you can’t compete in women’s sports if you’re biologically a man. No, you’re not entitled to women’s spaces simply because you identify as one. No, you can’t expect someone to comply with your view of your gender, especially in sexual situations. No, our children aren’t subjects to impose your personal life on.


While many states are doing this very thing, more needs to be done. We need to make sure that people understand that saying “no” is not just okay to do, it’s right to do. It’s likely people will be threatened over this and possibly lose their jobs but if and when they do we should be right there to give them a leg-up.

The trans activist community, like an out-of-control child, needs to learn boundaries and discipline as everyone does.


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