Ron DeSantis Signs the Parental Rights in Education Bill - and Disney Promptly Freaks out Again

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It’s a done deal. Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law. That follows a ferocious campaign over the last several months to lie about its contents, including the use of the false moniker “Don’t Say Gay” to describe the legislation.


You would think the banning of teaching sexuality to small children without the permission of parents would be a non-controversial issue, but apparently, the far-left is deeply invested in preserving the ability to groom children.

In reality, this is the kind of thing the bill is meant to stop.

American news outlets wouldn’t know what to do if they weren’t repeating lies. It’s like breathing for them. There is no “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and that is easily established by simply, you know, reading the text of the new law. The word gay never appears, nor does it prohibit a child from mentioning sexuality if, for example, their parents are gay. Rather, it prohibits teachers from indoctrinating children in sexuality and transgender ideology behind the backs of their parents. Again, how that’s controversial is beyond me.


Also, notice how ABC News says “some grades” instead of accurately saying the law addresses K-3. What that tells you is that even they are embarrassed at what they are offering support. Almost no one actually thinks it’s a good idea for teachers to be talking to six-year-olds about transgenderism, especially when it’s against the wishes of parents. But the media are so beholden to the left that they will use weasel language instead of just telling the truth if it means protecting the liberal narrative.

Naturally, DeSantis’ signing of the law also led to Disney freaking out again.

Disney tried this gambit a few weeks ago and got slapped down hard, but woke corporations can always be counted on to lean into a losing fight. Polling has shown that parents overwhelmingly support the Parental Rights in Education bill (now law). And why wouldn’t they? I don’t know any parent (including myself and my wife) who would want a teacher telling their small child they are actually a different gender or describing various sexualities to them. The same poll also showed that 67 percent do not approve of Disney’s condemnation.

Disney is supposed to be a company that promotes and protects the innocence of children. Why even get involved in politics like this, isolating scores of parents who represent their customer base? To see them bow down before the LGBT-whatever lobby is sad and disturbing. Is nothing sacred anymore in regards to America’s storied franchises? And what exactly do those employees at Disney have to do with K-3 aged children being taught about sexuality and transgenderism in school? How are those employees put at risk or harmed in any way by this law?


The answer is that they aren’t, but partisanship makes people do ridiculous things, including taking a pro-grooming position if it means opposing the bad Florida man. Society should seek to protect children, not exploit them to make adults feel better about their own degenerative views.

Regardless, the power dynamics are shifting and these major corporations can’t stand it. Their threats mean nothing in the face of strong leaders like DeSantis. Hopefully, other Republicans, many of whom would have folded long ago in the face of this lie-filled pressure campaign, learn the lesson here.


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