The Media Has Officially Reached Its Lowest Point in Running Defense for Democrats

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

It shouldn’t be difficult to find common ground, even in these polarizing times. It should be absolutely, positively an agreed-upon idea that the sexualization and sexual abuse of children are absolutely horrific. Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and leftists, Star Wars fans and Star Trek fans should all be in agreement that you don’t touch children.

Period. End of story.

In a sensible world, this would be the case, but we don’t live in that world. We live in a world where even the media is willing to shrug at pedophilia if it means Democrats can have an important piece of their agenda completed.

As RedState previously reported, Senator Josh Hawley found that President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, has a really bad habit of wanting to go very easy on pedophiles who wound up in front of her bench.

It’s a pretty damning thing for anyone to have on their record, whether they’re a judge a store clerk. But because she’s a Democrat judge who may be placed on the highest court in the land, even going easy on people who sexually assault children or distribute media around it, is given a pass. Case in point, face checkers leaped into action with the intent to defend Jackson’s actions by declaring that while Hawley’s discovery was indeed true…it shouldn’t be.

As you can see in a tweet posted by Hawley’s press secretary, Abigail Marone, CNN, the Washington Post, and more lined up to report that the sentencing for pedophiles is often “draconian” and too harsh.

The Washington Post’s conclusion to a fact check of Hawley that ended with giving him three Pinocchios is as troubling as it is absurd:

We realize Twitter does not always allow for nuance, but Hawley is still leaving out significant context in his thread. He uses snippets of quotes, pretends a bipartisan recommendation is Jackson’s alone and then ignores a variety of factors — such as probation recommendations and out-of-date guidelines — that might result in lower sentences. In his zeal, he also ignores a long debate within the legal community about whether the current guidelines are appropriate.

The end-game is pretty clear. The media wants to spread the idea that Jackson is ahead of the curve in terms of sentencing pedophiles. According to them, Jackson is doing what the law should already be advocating and that’s going easy on people who touch kids.

How progressive.

The media has gone to great lengths in the past to help Democrat politicians achieve their goals. Flat-out lies about political opponents are a dime a dozen, and the reaching they do to make some of the most asinine moves seem logical would be impressive if it wasn’t so destructive.

But this is a line crossed that never should be. This is our major news outlets attempting to convince us that maybe pedophilia isn’t so bad after all and we need to be a bit more lenient about those who force sexual relationships on children or distribute pornography to that effect. According to the Democrats, going easy on these people shouldn’t stop someone from achieving a spot on the Supreme Court and according to the media, she’s doing the right thing anyway.

I don’t often use the word “evil” to describe the machinations of Democrats but this is nothing short of it. Children are the most innocent among us and the idea that we have elected leaders attempting to place pedophile-friendly people into one of the most influential seats in the land with the help of pedophile-friendly media is evil. Plain and simple.

This should be unforgivable and remembered for decades to come. This should always go down as that time Democrats and the media attempted to make pedophilia more forgivable.


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