They Set up Cameras on Top of Bodies to Preach to You

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I’m no believer in the Church of Climate Change, nor have I ever been one. I find it very annoying to follow the constant change of timeframe for the apocalypse and as time goes on, the excuses for common destructive weather patterns have gotten wackier and wackier.


For instance, it was just back in 2019 that New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was claiming the hurricane that her grandfather died in was caused by white people as if we all got together and focused our white people powers to create a massive storm. It’s a silly idea to most, but to the people of the Church of Climate Change, this makes perfect sense.

No matter how ridiculous the excuse, so long as it fosters the narrative then the Church of Climate Change is willing and ready to believe whatever idea you can come up with. We’re just a few years away (maybe shorter) from proclamations that the gods are angry and that’s why it rained too much in one place.

Funny enough, they push very hard for America to give up its capitalistic ways and embrace the Earth-soothing habits of socialism, and only passing bills like the Green New Deal will save the Earth, yet if you tell them that China and India are the two largest producers of pollution in the world, they suddenly lose interest in pushing their views.

Right now the focus is on Tornadoes and how the touchdowns in Kentucky, Illinois, Tennesee, Missouri, and Arkansas were a result of climate change. As my colleague, Streiff, pointed out, data shows tornadoes aren’t uncommon in December, and looking at a chart of occurrences over the years, you’d see that there actually is no increase. In fact, we’ve been on a downtrend since the 1950s’.


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But pointing that out does no good for the narrative so it’s completely ignored. Instead, you have street corner end-of-times preachers disguised as journalists and experts telling us that the world is ending because you didn’t stop driving an SUV and back the GND.

I want to point out two things here.

For one, they’re lying and defying science by doing so. This isn’t uncommon when it comes to the left whose practice of “fib and fearmonger” comes as naturally as breathing. They’re doing it with the virus and they’ve been doing it with climate change. In fact, if you look at both issues, you’ll notice that the fib and fearmonger approach they’ve taken with the virus is very similar to what they’ve been doing with climate. Mass death is right around the corner and all we have to do to stave it off is submit to the Democrat Party.

Some party of science.

But even more disgusting than the lies are the fact that 100 people died as a result of these tornadoes and the first thought that many on the left had was they needed to rush down to the location of the destruction and death, set up cameras, and then proceed to preach the Church’s doctrines amidst the carnage.


It’s proof positive that it’s not really about you. There’s no respect for the dead and injured. It’s all about pushing the message that the sky is falling and it’s all your fault for not being obedient to them. Where we see tragedy, they see opportunity. Never let a crisis go to waste, right?

I pray you don’t die a death where some power-grabbing leftist uses you to push a lie because God knows they’d like to.


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