Buyer's Remorse Is Setting in for Voters, but Will the Lesson Stick This Time?

AP Photo/Ben Gray

Joe Biden’s approach to the 2020 presidential election could hardly be considered a win for Democrats who were selling Democrat ideas. Their main path to victory wasn’t that their party has the better ideas, it was that they weren’t Donald Trump.

Trump-phobia was preached from every speaker to every television. People were inundated with anti-Trump messaging with few outlets countering the mainstream media’s narrative. Those that did so effectively were shut down, banned, or threatened into silence. With the narrative of one side dominating the other in terms of spread, many people were fooled into believing that Trump really was an evil entity that would bring the United States to its knees.

If you were paying attention, that was a hard sell. Under Trump the economy was on the rise, crime was down, and the foreign governments that didn’t respect us suddenly got pretty quiet. We sent clear messages to our enemies that if you stepped out of line then we would kill your leaders and we dare you to respond. Trump wasn’t perfect, but he wasn’t a bad president either.

But regardless, the left’s anti-Trump message seemed to sell and through a dark miracle, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won. Needless to say, ever since then everything’s gone to pot. The economy is tanking, inflation is out of control, our border is in crisis, crime is up, and now there’s a supply shortage.

The same people who sold you the anti-Trump narrative are now the same people who attempt to pretend that everything is right with the world and that thinking otherwise is probably racist. They’re not just doing this because they’re cheering on their side, they’re doing it because they were asked to by the administration that’s screwing everything up.

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But the damage is done and it’s hard to tell Americans that they’re being served filet mignon when they can clearly see and smell that it’s cow manure. As the Daily Wire recently reported, a new poll shows buyer’s remorse has set in for America. They don’t want Biden…in fact, the tide is turning and people are starting to look back at Trump:

Voters were asked, “Regardless of how you may feel personally about each man, would you rather continue pursuing Joe Biden’s policies and proposals or return to Donald Trump’s policies and proposals?” According to the survey, 46% said they somewhat or strongly wanted to continue Biden’s policies while 48% said that they somewhat or strongly wanted to return to Trump’s policies.

When asked, “Specifically, would you say that the economy is going in the right direction or headed in the wrong direction?” a whopping 61% of voters said it was going in the “wrong direction.”

In terms of favorability rating, Biden eeks out Trump with a 43% favorability rating compared to the former president’s 41%, but both are tied at 54% unfavorable.

Likewise, 57% of voters either somewhat or strongly disapprove of the job that Biden is currently doing as president, while only 50% disapprove of the job that Trump did while he was in office.

The question now isn’t will the Democrats be voted out, it’s when they are voted out how long will it take before people forget the lesson and begin voting them back in?

The lesson here is simple. The Democrat’s plans don’t work and they lied to people in order to convince them that the adults would finally be back in charge. The American people should feel angry over being sold this false bill of goods and that lesson should stick with them going forward. The important thing to remember is not to be fooled by the overwhelming messaging of the Democrat Party.

But, again, how long will they remember this for and when the lesson inevitably fades, how can we best use the time we have to right the ship?

Republicans would be able to extend that time, but it first requires understanding that this may not happen immediately. The right needs to begin making inroads into mainstream platforms and begin undoing the damage done by years of leftist mismanagement first. This may take some time, but it would be treating the disease and not the symptoms, and that is always a harder road, but it is a better one.

Regardless, Republicans should make sure to remind voters that the left had lied to them going forward and that the lies resulted in horrible times. That Democrats are practiced and well-situated liars should be touched on repeatedly, again and again, until the message sinks in.



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