DeSantis Calls out Biden for Lying to the People About Trump's Responsibility for COVID

AP Photo/Chris O'Meara

It isn’t lost on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that this continued panic over COVID by the Democrats is yet another of their failures as President Joe Biden promised that should he get elected, he would have the COVID problem solved.


According to the Palm Beach Post, DeSantis traveled to Pensacola to announce his proposal for a state budget increase of over $100 million for the Florida State Guard’s reactivation.

“I’m proud to say that this budget is going to have major investments to support Florida’s National Guard,” DeSantis said. “In fact, we are recommending more than $100 million to support our National Guard to ensure they have the means necessary to carry out their mission — whether that be the federal functions that they can do overseas, whether that’s supporting disaster recovery and relief operations in Florida. Across the board, when we need help, we have the Guard there for us.”

But while he was up in front of the podium, DeSantis took a moment to swing at Biden, who not only told everyone that COVID was Trump’s fault but that if he was elected, he would have the issue over. Clearly, this was just one more lie from the Biden administration which has failed to do much of anything.

“This is a guy who demagogued Donald Trump all of last year saying COVID was Trump’s fault — if you elected him, he would shut down COVID. Well, that hasn’t happened,” said DeSantis.

Florida’s governor proceeded to point out the massive spikes in COVID cases in places like Michigan, which have taken draconian measures to make sure COVID didn’t spread in the past.

“He basically sold the public a bill of goods, said that he would shut it down, he’s not shutting it down, so what they’re doing now — I think is just not going to have any impact on mitigating COVID,” he continued.


DeSantis referred to the steps the Biden administration is taking as “more theater” and noted all the mandates that were put on hold were never constitutional.

It’s pretty clear that COVID-19 is still spreading in waves, thanks to emerging variants. In fact, press secretary Jen Psaki believes that the crime spikes we’re seeing around the nation are a result of this pandemic. So not only is COVID not under control as the Biden admin said it would be, but the Biden admin’s failure to do so has resulted in a crime spike.

Interestingly enough, California has been the worst affected by this crime spike where it’s majoritarian controlled by the same party as Biden.

It’s just one more failure that the Biden administration has to take responsibility for.


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