Why I'm Not Mad at Lauren Boebert

Why I'm Not Mad at Lauren Boebert
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I’ve never been a guy who resorts to low-hanging fruit attacks when it comes to my political enemies with a few exceptions, and I’ve always found myself rolling my eyes at some of the habits conservatives have with nicknames and over-the-top accusations when referring to the left. It’s not that I think I’m better, it’s just that it’s too easy.

For instance, referring to Democrats as “DemoRATS” or “Libtards” always seemed on par with the left’s accusations of “Trumplicans” and “AmeriKKKans.” It always just seemed grade school and I always thought “we could do better than that.” Sure enough, I’m not the only person who thinks that, and to this day the right makes better jokes and memes than the left could ever hope to. The saying “the left can’t meme” is so popular because it’s true. They get stuck on thinking that their brand of comedic “clapter” is good enough, but they can’t be blamed. They don’t share the big stage and they’ve fooled themselves into thinking their politically charged SNL skits are funny.

But I digress.

Earlier today, footage started circulating around that showed Colorado Republican Lauren Boebert giving a speech in front of a crowd where she took aim at Minnesota Democrat and popular member of “The Squad,” Ilhan Omar. One part of the speech, in particular, sent the left spiraling into rage fits and even had some on the right chastising her for her crude jokes.

Her joke was as follows:

The other night on the House floor I had my first “Jihad Squad” moment.

I was getting into an elevator with one of my staffers. He and I are leaving the Capitol and going back to my office and we get in an elevator. And I see a Capitol Police officer running, running to the elevator. I see sweat all over his face. He’s reaching…the door’s shutting, I can’t open it. What’s happening? I look to my left, and there she is, Ilhan Omar. And I say well, she doesn’t’ have a backpack, we should be fine.

Normally, this kind of stuff would make me cringe, and to a degree, it still does but not because of what she said. It’s more about how she delivered it, but regardless, the characterization of Omar by Boebert would normally elicit something akin to anger and denouncements from me for being racist, much less unfunny.

But the issue here is that it’s not racist. Her characterization of Omar is true.

As my colleague Streiff said when he covered this matter earlier, Ilhan Omar is not at all a good person. She’s an antisemite who sympathizes with terrorists on a constant basis. This is the same woman who dismissed one of the greatest terrorist acts against the United States and refuses to condemn Antifa for acts of destruction and murder. This is the same Omar that other Democrats have to constantly answer for after she makes some disgusting racist comment about Jewish people.

Boebert’s comments weren’t a commentary on Omar’s race, it was a commentary on who she is as a person and what she supports.

The left is calling it bigotry. I call it the truth.

In my honest opinion, Conservatives should speak truth through humor like this more often. The left can label it as any number of “isms” or “phobes” all they want, but it’s pretty clear that the left stopped understanding what their accusations actually meant long ago.

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The truth needed to be pointed out. Ilhan Omar is a horrible person with horrible beliefs. She’s a racist who supports violence against Jewish people and wants to see the nation of Israel collapse under the weight of terrorist groups. While that alone should qualify no one to care about her being made fun of, I realize that generalizations based on race are wrong, but this isn’t a generalization based on race.

This is a commentary about who Omar is and it deserves to be called out.

This isn’t to say that we should start resorting to the aforementioned low-hanging fruit when discussing someone. There’s clearly a difference between making stupid jokes that include racial stereotypes for the purpose of making racial jokes and making jokes that highlight inconvenient facts about a person’s character, even if they happen to be the race typically known for these stereotypes. Omar does sympathize with and support jihadists. So does her fellow “Squad.”

“Jihad Squad” is rather fitting.

The left can throw up every excuse for outrage that they want but in the end, the truth is the truth. The person they’re defending is everything they say they hate about the right and I see no problem with Boebert’s jokes.

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