Here's Proof the Left Doesn't Know What Racism Is Anymore

(Ben & Jerry’s via AP)

There are words or phrases that we have in our society that we use so often that they’ve lost meaning or, at least, have taken on a completely different one. We use words like “awesome,” but pretty much everything we refer to as “awesome” doesn’t deserve the description. Someone handing you a stick of gum doesn’t induce a sense of awe, yet you say “awesome, thanks.”

I think the left has used extreme descriptors to describe their opponents in the same way. Words like “homophobia” or “transphobia” are used to describe pretty much any action the right takes, but I don’t know anyone who actually loses their mind out of pure fear whenever they see a gay person.

But no other word has been used by the left quite like the word “racist” has. It’s their automatic response when anything happens, and I mean anything. So common is the left’s usage of the word that they’ll use it against each other when attempting to seize some sort of power within their hierarchy.

They use it so often because it’s always worked to immediately restructure any narrative in their favor and define the terms by which any given situation is about. Republicans can say they’re trying to lower the tax rate for Americans so they can keep more of the money they make and give less to an already bloated government that will likely waste it on things like teaching people in the middle east about why a picture of a toilet is an important piece of modern art.

That actually happened, and it’s hardly the worst thing we’ve wasted money on.

With the wave of their racism wand, that desire to lower taxes for the people becomes a racist act because, with less tax money for the government, fewer dollars can be thrown at growing entitlements for voters to depend on. What no one catches is the racist suggestion from Democrats that this will “hurt minority communities more than anyone,” revealing that they are intentionally doing this in order to bring minority voters under their thumb by making them depend on Democrats.

And so the thing that had absolutely nothing to do with race becomes about race with the racists who are trying to keep a race under the government’s programs.

Here’s another, very recent example of how the left shouts “racism” at anything and everything whether it makes sense or not, and it comes from another embarrassing moment for ice cream company Ben and Jerry’s.

“The #RittenhouseTrial displays yet again that our ‘justice’ system is racist. How would this trial be going if he was a Black 17 yr old that crossed state lines illegally carrying an AR-15 and shot 3 white protesters? We need real justice in the legal system. This isn’t it,” the company tweeted out last week.

Who is Ben and Jerry’s saying that our justice system is racist on behalf of in this trial? I only ask because it would appear that the only people Kyle Rittenhouse shot (in clear self-defense, mind you) were white, and one of whom was a pedophile.

Race wasn’t even an issue in this trial, yet Ben and Jerry’s threw that out there like it was a twitch they can’t help. If it inconveniences the left in some way…it’s racist. That’s it.

What is racist is Ben and Jerry’s co-founders referring to Israeli settlements as “occupied Palestinian territory” and declaring that they were withdrawing their products from these places in a BDS-style move. The “boycott, divestment, sanctions” movement is an antisemitic movement in the western part of the world that is typically run by openly antisemitic people on the left. The idea is that Jewish people need to remove themselves from “Palestinian territory” or if they’re being honest they’ll say Israel shouldn’t exist altogether.

States across the U.S. divested from Ben & Jerry’s over their antisemitism which is actual racism.

So the left doesn’t seem to know what racism is, or if they do, they feel no shame in having it themselves. Keep in mind that this is just one form of racism commonly exhibited by the left. White people are often targets of the left for the cause of any number of sins under the sun, but as I’ve covered before, their racism is mostly practiced on minority communities through manipulation and very low expectations.

It really leaves one asking who the real racists in the room are.

I won’t make you guess. It’s the left.


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